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Experience Ceylon's Colonial past, specially the dawn of mechanization and transportation with Vinodh Wickremeratne, an enthusiast of things Colonial……. The Portuguese landed in 1505 and ruled the Maritime Provinces for around 150 years, the Dutch took over the same areas to rule till the British took over in 1796. By 1815 the entire country was under British rule till independence in 1948.
Ceylon as a British colony was developed in parallel with events and technical advances taking place in England till about the Second World War. The glorious and colourful past included the establishment of railways, roadways, tramways, waterways, aerodromes, gas lighting, sewerage & water systems, harbours and electrical power generation. An organized postal system, telegraph & telephones, schools, hospitals and cinemas were also developed. Social, sports and recreation facilities were also arranged for.
Colombo, the capital city was the focal point with Kandy, Galle, Nuwara Eliya and Trincomalee receiving appropriate levels of advancement.
Vinodh conducts guided visits to places of interest with a colonial touch. The tour can be custom designed to meet a client's requirements. A mini-archive is available for reference as an information base before a visit or just a consultation is also possible.
For railway enthusiasts, accompanied railtours can be arranged. Being a widely travelled railway enthusiast, Vinodh can provide very informative and entertaining rail journeys - to mysterious locations and to ghostliness… where tracks were removed 50 years ago.
Another service we provide is information on "outposted ancestors". The British maintained a large British community for various aspects for which the locals were not initially trained for. A visitor who wants to find out about a grandparent's lifestyle can do so by consulting Vinodh's archive or engaging him on a detailed quest. This entails reference to birth/marriage/death registries, visiting churches and cemeteries, reference to pay office records and sports club membership documents etc.
Sometimes a visitor will want to see the location of his birth and childhood, as long as 80 years ago…….it can be found along with some acquaintances/colleagues with surprising reminiscences coming to light!
Vinodh Wickremeratne is the Founder and Secretary of the Model Railroad Club of Sri Lanka and a member of the National Railway Museum Committee.
He was an important contributor to the book RAILWAYS OF SRI LANKA by David Hyatt and has delivered several presentations on railway topics - model and real.

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