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Private Sarah Jessica Parker of the US Army and star of the Bollywood film:
"Saving The Privates of Jessica Parker! Oh Dearie Me!"
Bush Rejoices Over Sarah Jessica Parker's Rescue
President Bush rejoiced at the rescue of Sarah Jessica Parker the famous gorgeous pouting "isn't-she-a bit-of-an awlright" Holywood bombshell during an American commando raid on an Iraqi hospital, the White House spokesman said Wednesday. No famous Hollywood actors died during the assault... 

WASHINGTON, DC—Frustrated with the United Nations' "consistent, blatant regard for the will of its 188 member nations," the U.S. announced Monday the formation of its own international governing body, the U.S.U.N.

The Onion, America's Finest News Source
friendly fire
Today the Americans attacked the British in a friendly manner....!
When a man can't bog in peace it is time to fight back!
Where is the toilet paper?
Pic: Al-Jazeera

Toon (above) from al-Jazeera
al-Jazeera is unfortunately written in Arabic but the 'toons speak for themselves.
23rd March 2003
gulf war 2
 Now Showing! At All Cinemas In Baghdad!
WASHINGTON, DC--At a Pentagon press conference Monday, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld touted the military's upcoming
Gulf War II: The Vengeance
as "even better than the original."
Text and image (above) from the current edition of "The Onion"
If you like this sort of thing you will like The Onion (our rivals)

21st March 2003
President Saddam Nixon Is Dead!
Today (hic!) the people of the Republic of America were in total confusion when they heard that their President was dead or at least very very very very very badly injured. President George (Richard?-Ed) Nixon has not been seen since the start of the disastrous Vietnam war which began two days...decades?... ago......(Wrong war!..You are sacked!- Ed). President Bush was last seen boarding a helicopter with his ugly wife......Ahhh! (Al-CrazyJazeera 21-3-2003) ©crazylanka
Bog Blast!
Today an ordinary, moustachioed, citizen of No 3, Saddam Mawatha, Outer Baghdad, Iraq was sitting on his toilet and contemplating his day ahead as the Mil'try Commander of the Republic of Somewhere when loud explosions were heard. "Mama, Dad is farting again..." was all that was heard of a little girl's voice when a slow moving multi-schillion dollar cruise missile clearly marked "Property of USA. Return to sender" landed close to the toilet. A Mr S. Hussain who happened to be occupying the said outdoor relieving facility then rushed out with trousers around ankles and moustache on fire and shouting "Where is the bloody toilet paper, woman?" ...Apart from slight singeing of bum hair Mr Hussain was largely intact and later gave a press conference standing up...(Al-Crazylanka live from the studio (20-3-2003) © 2003)
gas attack
'Toon above contributed by Ramya. Source unknown.
gulf war toons
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