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Queen Anula

Queen of Srilanka 48-44BC

Nymphomaniac Queen of Ancient Srilanka ..........She laid down for her country......with men, many men!.. fact with at least thirty two!...


DEFINITIONS: In these days of Political Correctness and confused s*xuality it needs to be mentioned that the word QUEEN has been used in its original sense......

She was the first Queen in the history of Sri Lanka but the exact dates of her reign are difficult to establish partly because a certain Pope mucked up the calendar, but mostly because of the confusion between the Buddhist calendar and the Christian one. In any case she didn't reign that much but mostly laid back and thought of King and country.....and palace guards and carpenters and wood carriers and Brahamins and more palace guards. One thing that all historians seem to agree on is that she liked men! Technically, she appears to have been on the throne in her own right only for a short period of 4 months but (phew!) what a four months!

Her first husband was King Coranaga (a Sinhalese). She poisoned him because he, probably, was a boring old fart and because she fancied a Tamil palace guard called Siva ( Well! Girls do need to have a bit of fun! ) However, for reasons which are not entirely clear, having despatched Coranaga, she marries a guy called Tissa, not Siva!

Tissa (a Sinhalese) was the son of King Coranaga's predecessor and this would therefore appear to be what's known as a working relationship! Tissa survived one year and four months. Tissa meets the same fate as his predecessor because Anula still fancies the palace guard, Siva. Having despatched Tissa, Anula and Siva (finally!) shack up and reign happily for all of one year and two months by which time our girl has fallen for "Vatuka, who had been a city carpenter in the capital.." (She probably had a thing about Tamil workmen; Vatuka was a Tamil as well.) Very soon Siva gets it ! Poison. Again!

Anula reigns with the ex carpenter, now King. The reign of the ex carpenter (Vatuka) is shorter than that of the palace guard (Siva) by 1 month. One day when Anula "saw a wood carrier, who had come to the house, she fell in love with him...." Poison again. (Shorry if this is all boring shtuff but do stay on. It does get better!)

The wood carrier, a Sinhalese, also happens to be called Tissa: (to avoid confusion, we need to designate this guy as Tissa II. Do pay attention!) In spite of being a mere wood carrier Tissa II obviously saw what was coming! He would have been utterly thick not to. (Unlike the planks he used to carry before he became King! ) The fun and games were rapidly coming to an end! The writing was on the wall! (Yes, they did have writeable walls in those days: Look up Katapathpawura at Sigiriya, but we do digress)

In sheer desperation, Tissa 2 sets about in doing what most men would have done in his place: Keep the old girl happy! ....

With a general sinking feeling he sets about building a swimming pool for the girl!!!!! Complete with jjaaccuuzzii! and sauna!

At this stage I need to quote the Good Book, The Mahavamsa, verbatim, as I have a feeling that some of you chaps out there are begining to wonder if this isn't another mad story by you know who.... so here we go! Some of the comments within brackets are mine...

"In haste he had a bathing-tank (swimming pool) made in the Mahamegahavana (park) . But Anula, enslaved by passion for a Damila (Tamil! get it? Tamil = Damil) named Niliya, a brahman (sic) who was the palace priest, and eager to be united (fornicate) with him, did Tissa the wood-carrier to death giving him poison and gave the government into(Niliya's) hands. And the brahaman NILYA also made her his queen and reigned, upheld constantly by her, six months here in Anuradhapura." "When the princess Anula (who desired to take her pleasure even as she listed(sic) with thirty-two of the palace-guards) had put to death Niliya also with poison, the queen ANULA herself, reigned four months."

Sadly, soon afterwards this "thirty-two-in-a-four-month-situation" she got it! Do come back to this site to read all about it.............. Serious minded persons can look up the Bibiliography. If you have better references do let me know. Finally, as our TransAtlantic friends would have said "Gee! What a Girl!"

Bibiliography and notes (The boring bits):

The main and most graphic description of the "romps" of Queen Anula appears in the Mahavamsa. The version I have quoted is the English version (THE MAHAVAMSA or The Great Chronicle of Ceylon, Asian Educational Services, New Delhi, 1986. No ISBN number) which was translated from Pali into German by Prof Wilhelm Geiger .

Geiger, like all professors, probably fancied a sabbatical in a nice tropical country with a few beers and a couple of wenches thrown in........ Geiger's German version was dragged into English by a Mrs Mable Haynes Bode (who she?). Finally old Geiger himself "revised the English translation". Geiger was paid for his efforts: "The Ceylon Government has defrayed the expense of this,....". Many years later Geiger managed to get his mug on a Sri Lankan postage stamp, posthumously.

Earlier translations of the good book exist but I have been unable to get my hands on them. In any case I am not going to waste the rest of my life studying the life and loves of Anula...but if you have got a copy do let me know (Tournour's translation published in 1837 and reprinted in Wijesinha, L.C 's version 1889)

All the "respectable" historians quote the Mahavamsa. These include:

1.Codrington.,H.W. A Short History of Ceylon, Macmillan & Co, London,1947,

2.Hussey., David. Ceylon and World History, Wahid & Bros, Colombo, 1930

3.De Silva.,K.M. A History of Sri Lanka , Oxford University Press, Delhi,1981.

(Thanks to my sister Charmaine "Babs" Fernando for locating references 1 & 2 above)

A number of publications by "non-respectable" tabloid style historians exist; most are totally inaccurate to the extent of confusing Sri Lanka with India. Some have written slightly inaccurate but racier versions of events than I have (but then this is a family website) and I refer to Kinnell., Peter. Come Again? More Erotic Failures Futura Publications, A Division of Macdonald & Co,London 1985. For some obscure reason Peter Kinnell has decided to classify our lovely Queen as an "Erotic Failure"! (Failure?) Think again Peter!... or should I say Come Again! (Your expression, not mine!)

Anula, The name: Queen Anula was definitely not the first girl to be named "Anula". (It is very definitely a girl's name unlike "Anuradha".) I am yet to come across a boy named Anula ! (If you know of an unfortunate chap out there called "Anula" do get in touch). The first Anula to appear in the Mahavamsa is a Princess Anula who appears to have been a devout Buddhist and "not that type of girl" and as such is of little interest. A well known Anula of recent times is Anula Karunatilleke -- film actress who, surprisingly for a member of her profession, was a good girl. Can somebody provide a biography of her for inclusion on this page...? (usual rates of payment for suitable material)

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