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THE MADPAGE tm AWARD and the Darwin Awards {short description of image}
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The MADPAGE tm award is simple.You just award it yourself! These days, in Britain at least, it is easy to get yourself a degree, letters to put after your name or an impressive looking certificate. In fact you can get a mail order degree! There is even a "University" (mail order) at Exmouth in Devon (at 6, Henrietta Place). Exmouth is a slightly downmarket sleepy little town in Devon by the way.
You could go on a day course on any obscure subject and get yourself a nice little certificate or you can buy blank certificates from any good stationer and print them out yourself.
We at the MadPage thought well why not! For a start you can copy the MadSite GIF and stick it on your own page or on your e-mails. You could of course add the Srilankan flag but do remember to add my URL which is
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If you are as mad as myself and would like a certificate let me know and I will see what can be done.
THE DARWIN AWARDS The Darwin Awards is a different matter altogether! Rather than try to explain what it is about I suggest that you visit their site! You won't be disappointed!CLICK HERE