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The SCNtm stories are arranged in blocks or volumes in (relatively) chronological order and where possible we quote our sources. Use search engine at bottom of page to search site.
NEW! The Things They Say Buy The Mistake!
{short description of image} VOL48 Tsunami Bullsh*T Special{short description of image}
{short description of image} VOL47 Monks torture monk, Shitting Man's Arse Busted By Train
{short description of image} VOL46 Cops Shoot Dog! and other stories
{short description of image} VOL45 Body Explodes, Cops Stung, Virgins Wanted, ....and more
 {short description of image} VOL44  Man Attacks God! Katunayake Delays Bandaranayake..and more
 {short description of image} VOL43 Bread throwing ceremony..Nice legs, pity about the padded bra
{short description of image} VOL42 Ministry of Silly Bags, Bus service improves, Eelamistan News, Gunfight at Kotte Corral, Dear John..and more!
 {short description of image} VOL41 Dead man comes back but mother dies...Dried jackal..Wrong army..Tarts on wheels...Man has periods! Meteorite fails...Bodies in Customs..Dead man arrested...Dr Struckoff...
{short description of image} VOL40 School boy bravery..New weapon: The umbrella!... We lead the world!..Damnbusters!
{short description of image} VOL39 Flights of fancy. Off to Thailand. Army bull's eyes. Elephants, Police, hornets, Police, tarts and cricketers...
{short description of image} VOL38 Honeymoon Interruptus!. Gal Thoppiya. New disease discovered! Two bricks and a plank. More.....
{short description of image} VOL37 Intelligent snake, private medicine, soft landing. ENT dept. The Ghoul. Satty delay.
{short description of image} VOL36 Aagama is the Ganja of the people! Student bites monkey! MP behaves normally. Kasippucide patricide?
{short description of image} VOL35 UFO, Ralahamy Hora! Arm robbery, Keystone Cops, Oh Shit!, Goat kills goat!
{short description of image} VOL34 Fountainhead of Jaffna, Prince Philip meets Tigers!, NAKED WOMEN! Fowl Play
{short description of image} VOL33 Ear! Ear!, Toilet robbery, Buffalo Grenades, Non-suspicious suspects
{short description of image} VOL32 Chinese Mushrooms, Sura Mera Majja...Pain in the bum, Kachcherius interruptus and more....
{short description of image} VOL31 It's Official! Ranil is God!
{short description of image} VOL30 In the drink. Spot the difference. Man bites cop. When it's raining...Chisel fight.
{short description of image} VOL29 Puhul and sperms. Woman marries woman! Hora Police. Hospital confinement.
{short description of image} VOL28 VALENTINE'S DAY SPECIAL
{short description of image} VOL27 Sick casino. I Fall To Pieces. Brown Girl In The Ring.
{short description of image} VOL26 No balls. Mother and son. Army Hora! S*x and arson. Blind shooting. Lux washout
{short description of image} VOL25 Fruits & Nuts. Battle of The Khakis. Medics against lactation.
{short description of image} VOL24 If you can't lick 'em...Polis Hora. Women do it themselves! Magamaruwa. Don't sleep under a bus. Another bus death. Monk forgets Pali.
{short description of image} VOL23 Carlo's logic. Lucky guy! Criminals & Politicians. Head injury. Prize fight. Hansard
{short description of image} VOL22 No trains. Exam Chief is a cheat. New Loco for CGR. Toilet Cafeteria. Eyeballs
{short description of image} VOL21 Railway brothel/liquor shop. Homeless MPs. Cushion cover charged. Rotten tomatoes
Earlier volumes are in the archives{short description of image}
{short description of image}WEB BRICKS: or how not to missyuse the kweens langwage
{short description of image}WEB GEMS: or how to use the Queen's language
{short description of image}REST OF THE WORLD: Crazy stories from EXCITE
{short description of image}ARCHIVES: Previous volumes GO TO OUR ARCHIVES
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{short description of image}SINK THE CUE BALL: The SCN contribution to Science
In the past we, like our rivals The Lake House Newspapers, may have given the impression that SCN were supporters of the PA and that Chandrika was the greatest living being since Mahatma Gandhi, Carlo Fonseka, Bill Clinton and Mother Theresa and that sunshine came out of her a*se!
We now freely admit that we were mistaken and wish to apologise to our readers. We believe that Ranil is the greatest living being since Mahatma Gandhi, Carlo Fonseka, Bill Clinton and Mother Theresa and that sunshine comes out of his a*se!
The original grammar, spelling and style of reporting have been retained for posterity with minimal editorial interference and smart-arse comments! Editorial interference is generally marked as ...-Ed.
Ed of course stands for Editor (not Edward.) Part of the fun of these stories is of course the grammar (or lack thereof) and the rather stilted Srilankan reporting fashion. We suspect that most of these stories were originally written in Sinhala and then dragged into Singhlish before finally ending up in English! Some of the stories are tragic and if you are the sort of person who is offended by such stories may we recommend MILLS & BOON! The stories have been pinched from various wire services and news clippings. Click on the volumes you want. Copying is permitted (since we copied them all ourselves in the first place!) Do pass on the stories but remember to add our URL....which is or use the "Mail A Friend" service next door....
SCN, Srilanka Crazy News and the slogan "We weed out the serious news" are trademarks of the SCN/ MadPage/ McMaluPaan Corp.
Site first launched on the 10th of July 2001.
Whilst SCN makes all efforts to update this site on a daily basis we regret to inform you that because of minor problems in the old Republic there is a serious shortage of crazy news. Srilankans are used to shortages...but a shortage of crazy news?! Do join us!
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Most of the stories on this site are easily available and are from the usual Srilankan and International wire services. We at SCN, however, depend on our loyal correspondents from all over the world for more obscure stories. Do join us!
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Exported picture Podi Nona, our Agony Aunt The Gamarala Stories Letter from Haramanis Aiya The original Sri Lanka MadPage Latest crazy news crazy news pictures

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