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An Expatriates' Guide To New SriLankan Buzzwords
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Sinhalese is a language which, although primarily of Sanskrit origin, has absorbed a number of foreign words such as Paan, Mesa, Lapati etc....In recent times English words have also been incorporated. Technological advances can strain a language...Most new words and phrases originate from the Universities or from the political arena...The following is a collection of new buzz-words and phrases. More words will be added. Contributions welcome..E-mail us new words!

Avabodhatha givisuma (phrase) Memorandum of understanding, MoU
(Avabodha=understand, givisuma=treaty, or Avabodha=we know what you are up to!, Givisuma= we were only joking! Not worth the paper it is not written on..we might change our minds.
Usage: "The Norwegians put pressure on us to sign a A...g..."(accepted); or "Thogé Avabodhatha Givisuma ****!" etc (insult, usually in parliament); "Aney balanna, that boy wants to have an Avabodhtha g. with me!" (slang, usually teenage, s*xual innuendo).

Dheshapaalana adhikaari (phrase) Local member of Parliament, crook, person born out of wedlock.
(Desha=country, palana=exploit, formerly govern, adhikari=chief)
Usage: "The glorious d..adhikari will open the cattle market" (political, grovel); "Ado deshapalana adhikaariya!" (insult, note use of derogative "adhikaariya").

Dhavala beeshanaya (phrase) White terror (dhavala=white, beeshanaya=nasty piece of work) Usage: Ref. to Portuguese as in "The Prutugeesi dhavala b.."(archaic), ref. to the UNP "Ranil gé dhavala b.."(modern, political), Great White Shark: Dhavala B Mora (slang)

Dhavana sooriyawa (n) Sprinter, female i.e Susanthika. Vulgar: Running away from, being chased after by Member of Parliament. Other usage (teenage): Chasing girls (v) as in "Api dhavana sooriyawa passen elewwa!"

Suhada saakachchava (phrase) pleasant talk (lit.) but new usage: suhada=friendly, free; saakachchava=exchange of pleasantries, gifts, bribes, free meal esp. when someone else picks up bill. Also:(implied)"The Norwegians (or other foreign embassy) are picking up the bill!". Teenage usage: " Let's go to Majestic City for a s..s...with the Visakhian birds!"(slang, innuendo).

Satangh viraamaya (ph) ceasefire (lit.) origin. Satangh=war; but new usage: out of ammunition, supply lines cut off, under pressure from George Bush or Norwegians, most fighters are too fat to fight, uniforms don't fit, need to send children to school in England, leaders in need of private medical treatment in Colombo (as: "Apollo Satangh Viraama Ispirithalaya") applicable to both factions.

Sambandheekarana niladhariya (phrase) coordinating officer
(sambandha=join, niladhari=busybody, formerly official)
Usage: As above (political, grovelling); Teenage: "Ah! meya hari s..n... neda?" (i.e.matchmaker) slang, innuendo.

Janabala meheyuma (ph) people's power rally (lit, but usage different) Formerly: Hartal.
(janabala=people's power, thuggery, intimidation, revolution, pol pot type revolution; meheyuma= rally, excuse for: not going to work, throw stone, cause disruption, get drunk, set fire to factory)
Recent usage:To intimidate the President and take a day off on Monday.

kadaakappal kireema.(v) ..kari, karaya (n) disrupt; deliberate act of; wilful destruction, person indulging in same. Usually normal behavior for Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP). Disruption not necessarily physical but JVP not known to be otherwise. Usage: Anything that the JVP does... And also Pope John Paul II, disruptive influence on native Poland. As in "Joan Pole gé kadakappalkari behaviour in Polanthaya".
Teenage usage: gen. interfering parents and teenage love. Kadakappalkaraya: (n) busybody.

maaraanthika upavaasaya (ph) (lit.) Fast unto death. Modern usage (slang): Dieting, esp after free meal at Galle Face Hotel or excessive indulgence of MacDonalds. Also: M..upavaasa..isthanaya (isthanaya=place) slimmers' clinic or Keep-fit studio (usually brothel with police protection).

Nonidana nagaraya (ph) Orig. political speak "The City that never sleeps". Nonidana=not sleeping, nagaraya=city. Common usage: No electricity at night in suburbs because city lit up, mosquitoes and smell of rotting garbage disturbs sleep. Loud, drunken neighbours esp univ. hostels.

Pirith noola (n) Orig. single thread bracelet of relig.signific.(Buddhist). Modern: thick bracelet of cotton thread ( sometimes bichromatic) worn by politicians on their right wrists to balance the weight of the gold watch on the other, while at the same time indicating their piety, hoodwink masses. Also ref: Prodawa.
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kampas bima (ph)(orig. English, sinhala) the land of the university, Hantana, (corrupt.) Campus
freshek (n) (orig. English) what used to be called a navakayek, (corrupt.) Freshman, fresher.
lechek (n) (orig. English) a lecturer, not a letcher
baechek (n) (orig. English) one belonging to a University 'badge', (corrupt.) Batch, as in eggs.
roomek (n) (orig. English) one sharing a room, (corrupt.) Room mate.
kraemek (n) (orig. English) one who studies eg: 'magey rooma hari kraemek', (corrupt.) Crammer i.e studious person (usally two weeks before exam.)
maita (n) (orig. English) the coconut mite.
ridhmaya (n) (orig. English) a new word for 'thaalaya', (corrupt.) Rhythm.
meetima (n) (orig. English) a new word for 'raesweema'
megaablaas (n) (orig. English)the sound coming from a sangeetha sangdharshanaya, (corrupt.) Mega=big, blast=soundblast
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Compiled with the help of Vinod Moonesinghe. Contributions welcome...
Copyright © 2002 Gyan Fernando/

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