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We may be mad and we may live in the so called civilised parts of the world and we may have dined at the Carlton Club, shopped at al-Harrod's, Tiffany's and even on the rare desperate occasion indulged in an ounce or two of Beluga caviar but there is nothing like indulging in a McMalupaan!
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This webpage, as you may have worked out already, is about silliness and fun of a Srilankan nature....Its written by an expat mad Srilankan who firmly believes that Britain and Australia are part of the Peoples Democratic Socialist Republic of Srilanka...and that Bell's Whisky is the answer to all great questions such as the meaning of life, does God exist and when will the civil war end etc..... and that Daffy Duck is the answer to all the problems of mankind... Apart from that we are fairly harmless....
But do join in and keep silliness alive. This page is an interesting "read" even if you are not a Srilankan and very definitely a "must read" if you are planning a visit to the good old Republic....
These pages are updated regularly and its worth a return visit. Your contributions are of course welcome!
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