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Astute fans of this website with even a basic knowledge of anatomy would have noted certain improbablities in the anatomy of
The Amazing Fountainhead.
For instance the intake appears to be the Femoral Artery which enters a large reservoir which appears to be the stomach..There is then a reverse flow through the Aorta and into a single chambered Heart.The final jet appears to be a combined Carotid system. A word of explanation is therefore required... The so called lower forms of animal life have single chambered hearts so that is no big deal. There are unfortunate humans who are born with grossly malformed hearts where the Great Vessels are transposed.There is therefore no reason why the Amazing FH should not have such an arrangement. Furthermore I failed my Anatomy course..which probably explains a lot! Really, if that Californian guy who wears his underpants outside his red trousers (or rather tights) can have X-ray vision and can fly faster than a speeding bullet...!!!!cont..
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The original picture was taken by Ranji using a throwaway Fuji camera. Several sites exist on the net which have collections of photos showing aliens(fraud or delusions),the Loch Ness Monster(drunken Scots) and of the Virgin Mary(no comment)... Send us silly pictures of a Srilankan nature! {short description of image}E-mail
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"How much is it boy?......" Ed Stipfenweller of Dallas (San Antonio Examiner)
"Excuse me! but I am asking: Is there a cheaper model?....." R Gopiwallah of Southall (South Harrow Evening News)
"Why, oh why didn't I think of it?...." God (Heavenly Times)