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Letter from Haramanis Aiya
Dramatis Personae or Naluwo
Haramanis Aiya is the old family "retainer" at the now rundown pol watta (coconut plantation) at Jayapura. He writes to us often and his letters give an insight as to what is happening in the long running soap opera......
We list below the Dramatis Personae roughly in the order of appearance and importance...
Leading actors
Kumari Bandara Chandralatha: Chairperson of the Jayapura Housing Scheme 'Vikaara'
Ranoris: Secretary of the Jayapura Housing Scheme Beligaswatte
Maheepaala: Chandralatha's chief henchman
'Lamputhel' Karune: Petrol shed manager and operator of Housing Scheme generator.
'Kappam' Velu: The protection racket man and chief saree smuggler
'Kannadi' Bala: Velu's 'tholkaya' ('talking chief')

Supporting cast or shupport eka

Ganeshan Murugan: The estate kangany.
John Aiyya: The security boss
Chokka: The accounts clerk and subscription collector.
Ravindra Mahattaya: The co-op manager. Also owns a lorry.
Junthu Marikka: The owner of Junthu Record Bar and Communications Bureau.
G W Panduruge: Chief Minister
'Mantle' Ratne: Former Secretary of the Jayapura Housing Scheme.
Musa Rauff: Chairman of 'Imran Khan Model Village'.
Soorapatabendige 'Cycle' Jackson: Chairperson of the Jayapura Sports Club.
Weerapatabendige Puransisco Appuhamy: Chief Publicity Officer.
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