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Professor Sinhabahu Wijayasinghe
Down from the tree.....or should we have stayed up there?.
This is a guest essay and not written by the usual editorial crew or the usual correspondents...

Homosapiens sinhaleus
There are six billion people on this earth, their ancestry going back to millions of years to a group of animals called the primates- the monkeys, EXCEPT just one race of about 14 million people calling themselves SINHALA OR SINHA-LE, the lion race of people whose ancestor was a LION !, that is why they are called Sinhala, from sinha-le meaning lions blood.
Homosapiens sinhaleus are unique as a race of people. They live in a little tear drop shaped island in the Indian ocean, have lived there for more than 2500years (or a little bit more). There are no lions in this island (except in zoos) never have been according to the learned people calling themselves palaentologists or archaeologists or the great people who dig the earth to find out about these things…So how come!!

Where did these people come from and did DNA analysis at any time show that at least half of their genes are similar to those of the big cat family!. If you want to learn more, here is the story---- please read on.
Let us analyse the evidence scientifically, and look at external characteristics first. Do they appear to be any different from the rest of mankind, on external appearance
1. Skin colour: They are dark (brown skinned), so are people of other races who live on the tropics are are exposed to the big shining disc in the sky 365 days a year for a good part of the day. Lions are lighter skinned even though they live in sunny climes.

2. Walking erect: They use two lower limbs to propel themselves (except for about one and a half years at the start of life and some times at the end of life if it is prolonged. (some monkeys do not walk on two limbs). Lions can't.

3. Opposable thumb: Use upper limbs for various other activities like eating , threatening and pointing same as rest of mankind and have the opposing thumb in common with the rest of humankind-which is supposed to be a very advanced evolutionary feature. Lions can't use a tin opener.

4. Tree climbing: Some of them can climb coconut trees and various other trees. Other homosapiens are capable of doing the same. Monkeys are better at it. Lions can as well.

5. Absence of a tail: I do not know any human group blessed with tails. Higher primates-gorillas, orangutangs and chimps do not have tails either. Lions have tails.

6. Bananas: Sinhale people like bananas. All monkeys like bananas. Some other human groups who live in northern climes like bananas so much they import them from great distances, and banana boat songs have become very popular. Therefore partiality for bananas is conclusively a very significant feature pointing to monkey ancestry. Lions definitely do not like bananas.

7. Growling: Sinhala people can speak a language called Sinhala (very original) and only they can speak read and write that language. They are unique in that sense. Monkeys cannot speak let alone read and write! Other homosapiens speak other languages which do not sound similar to Sinhala. Lions don't read either.

8. Reproduction: Sinhala people produce human babies who look like them, some times ones who vaguely resemble monkey babies. They never produce lion cubs . Now, if they are a hybrid race they should some times occasionally produce lion cubs or some times human babies with tails and claws. But they never do so.

9. Bravery: Lions are brave and can growl and fight tigers and other big animals except elephants. Sinhale people exhibit this characteristic and are actually better than the lions. But so are other races on earth, they fight wars against each other to settle imagined or otherwise grivences. Monkeys are not known for bravery.

10. Male lions have a mane: Although Homosapiens sinhaleus usually have a thick head of hair and a mustachio-and a beard, the lion mane is absent for some reason except in the hippie-types.

11. Claws: Although Homosapiens sinhaleus have nails they are not powerful like the lion's claws. Lions do not have the opposing thumb which the Homosapiens sinhale have in common with the rest of the primates.

12. Acting: The fact that no Homosapiens sinhale was ever able to act as a lion in Born free, Living free and as the MGM logo shows that the similarities to the lions are limited. Sinhabahu is the only opera in which a Sinhala actor has ever acted as a lion and even then he had to wear a lion mask.

So, having considered all the available evidence it is still difficult to determine whether Homosapiens sinhale is a lion or a monkey.

But I must confess that we have neglected to examine the wealth of evidence about the human race in a very ancient chronicle , the old testament of the Bible! It states that Adam and Eve are the parents of all the human kind on earth. When Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden of Eden, when they disobeyed God where did they go? Folk lore says that they came to Adam's Peak in Srilanka. Probably because it is the next best thing to G of E or may be better than the Garden of Eden. They lived on this paradise on earth for a very very long time and because God commanded them to go forth and multiply they had a lot of children and there have been people on earth since that time....

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The original manuscript by the learned professor has been very slightly edited. The views are those of the professor and do not necessarily reflect those of the editor or crazylanka.com.

First published 15th Sept 2002
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