A Doctor Writes
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1. Copy and Paste one of the template headers into a Word file and print out.
Dr. Sri Jayawardanapura
MB,BS (University of Hasalaka)
The People's Dispensary,
Sri Sangharama Mawatha,
Dr. Odiris Perumkayam
BA Hons(Poona), D Ayur. Med (Calcutta)
Moragolla Ayurvedic Dispensary,
(behind Ranjani Tea Rooms)
2. Wear wicket keeper's gloves when holding pen. This makes handwriting illegible. Doctors have illegible handwriting.
3. Select a medical condition (see list below).
4. Select number of days required.
5. Sign with an extrovert type of squiggle.
Common Sri Lankan Ailments (with explanatory notes)
1. Angé Pathé Rudawa (APR): Generalised aches and pains.
2. Vaathé: Vague ill health.
3. Pitha: Dyspepsia from drinking cheap Gal Arrakku.
4. Kerakawilla: Dizziness, brain tumour, too much kerosene tainted alcohol, post menopausal syndrome.
5. Oluwé Amaruwa: Headache, sinusitis, brain tumour, meningitis, insanity.
6. Papuwé Amaruwa: Anything from a massive heart attack to attention seeking (esp. young females)
7. Bade Amaruwa: Anything from wind to terminal pancreatic carcinoma
8. Yati Badé Amaruwa: Problems with the female anatomy (see also 11 below)
9. Badé Ledé: Pregnant but not married.
10. Dathu Mochanaya: "Passing Relics Syndrome", wet dreams.
11. Suda Yama: Female version of 10 above.
12. Aali Maali Dubala Gathiya: Weakness,vague condition created by the makers of Waterbury's Vitamin Compound.

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