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Sri Lanka is a colurful country and Srilankans have colourful nick names. Most are christened in the first year of school and the names often stick. In later years some people come to be known exclusively by their nick names. No one is exempt. Even well-known politicians have nick names (e.g President Chandrika is known as "Satty", short for satellite.) We have selected the more printable ones. Contributions welcome!

Physical Characteristics
Tall Bambuwa, Una Bambuwa (bamboo), Pol Piththa (coconut frond), Patolaya (snake gourd), Ata Riyan, Dha ata riyan (Riyan: ancient measurement of height), Nelum Danda (Nelumbium flower stem, esp. tall effiminate male), Garandiya (rat snake)
Short Kota Puka (short arse), Chikka (ref. to small testicles), Paiyya Kota (ref. to short pen*s, also used in sexual context)
Fat Bathalaya (Reference to sweet potato), Ali Puka (Elephant Arse), Vangediya (ref to mortar, esp if short & fat)
Scar faced Watalappama (ref to Watalappan, caramel pudding with holes in it), Gam Sabha Para (Badly maintained Village Council road full of pot holes)
Blotchy, rough skinned Kabaraya (Monitor Lizard), Kabara Puka (Monitor Lizard like arse), Kabara Malaillawwa (feminine version of blotchy sk.)
Light skinned Lansiya (person of Dutch/Colonial descent), Suddha (fem.Suddhi, Sudhu=white, but generally derisive)
Dark skinned Kaluwa (darkie), Demala (lit.Tamil, but used against Sinhala person, fem. Demalichchie), Masa Poyaa (new moon), Kalu Baduwa (feminine, also Balu Kaduwa, spoonerism of ~)
Ugly Wandura, Rilawa, Unahapuluwa, Orangutan, Chimpanzeea (diff. sp. of monkeys/primates)
Ugly faced Wakugaduwa (kidney face), bicycle seat (face like bicycle s.)
Bleached hair Malakadaya (This is a relatively new one and refers to the tendency of naturally dark haired Sri Lankan youngsters to bleach their hair, Malakada=rust)
Round faced Pol baa moona (trad., ref to follower of Andaré), Aappaya (ref. Hopper, Sri Lankan pancakes; also Biththara Aapaya or Egg Hopper), Rotiya (ref. Roti, flour/coconut pancakes))
Behavioural characteristics/temperament
Cool Seethalaya, Seethala-Kotiya (lit: Cool Tiger but refers to cool prowler of women)
Lazy Ice Kandaa(lit.block of ice), Peththa(grasshopper), Thaapa Molaa (~ ref. to heavy tamping device),
Stodgy/upstanding Mole Gaha (as in Mole-Gus Mendis, may also use Thaapa Molaa above), Alavanguva(a) (solid iron rod like implement generally used for husking coconuts), Pittuwa (ref. Pittu: solid flour/coconut based steamed main course usually steamed in a bamboo, also Peter Fernando, my late Dad, Peter=Pittu, phonetic similarity, school boyish)
Hot tempered Gini Puka (lit.Fire arse)
Stinker Gandaya (both lit. & metaphoric.), Geri Kuna (lit. carcass of cow), Nariya (fox), Hiwala (jackal), Padaya (fart)
Foul mouthed Kunu Kataa (dirty mouth), Kanu Kataa (lit. Drain Mouth, esp. late Pres. Premadasa), Vaachalaya,
Furtive Polkichcha (furtive bird), Attikukula (furtive snail eating bird)
Person of no significance Pol Kud'dah (coconut refuse), Pol Lell'ah (coconut husk), Pol Mudda (part of coconut.h),
Wild/disruptive Veddah (ref.aboriginal people, who in reality were gentle), Val Haraka (wild buffalo, may also be used in sexual sense),

This page first published 14th November 2004