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Surrounded by a bunch of Old Royalists, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe sings along at the 123rd Battle of the Blues which ended in a draw at the SSC Grounds on Saturday. — Pic by Eranga Jayawardena/The Island 11-3-02 Sports and Youth Affairs Minister Johnston Fernando (left) jokes with students he met in the premises of the Jaffna University during a recent visit to the peninsula. He also discussed problems faced by the youth in those areas Pic: The Island 8-3-02/unknown photographer
shaken not stirred
In an act symbolic of the country's deep thirst for peace, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe enjoying Ilaneer, better known as Kurumba - during a historic visit to Jaffna yesterday on a peace mission. Pic by Chathura S. Kodikara / Daily Mirror 15-3-02
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Pry MinisterTMTintin's historic visit to Yalpanam!
The story continues...
Tintin continues his dangeroush mission to the land of the Tigers!

Our intrepid Pry Minister TINTIN visits another country, this time dominated by the Tigers. He likes the tigers LINK
Ranil then decides that he must somehow visit the City of Yalpanam or what's left of it.
{short description of image} The story continues...
First Tintin gets a send-off from his bootlickers in traditional SriLankan fashion which involves Arrack and a sing song culminating in that classic favourite "Thambi Kade"!
Tintin's faithful companion Snowy Johnston runs ahead, wags his short tail and tries his luck with the girls (and boys) of the University of Yalpanam.
Captain Chandrika Haddock is no longer in the story having fallen out with Tintin.
Meanwhile Tintin's arch enemy Rastapopoulos Prabhakaran has emerged from hiding wearing two pairs of heavy-duty clean underwear!
A bumbling idiot called Jolyon Trond Furuhovde Wagg is getting in everybody's way?
Meanwhile the two detectives have left the country and were last seen in Peru carrying a pendulum ( see The Prisoners of the Sunny Isle)
In Yalpanam Tintin decides to disguise himself, gets rid of his trademark western garb and dresses as a native. Unfortunately he ends up looking distinctly shifty and like a cocktail waiter of a cheap Beruwala hotel!
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Spotter: Ranil Bibile

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