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ranil Pry MinisterTMTintin's historic visit to Yalpanam!
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Ranil with General Alcazar
Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe's visit to Jaffna gave not only an opportunity for the premier to interact with the armed forces in the north, but also for people of the south to interact with those in the north. Premier Wickremsinghe seated with a senior army officer in Jaffna (left) and students of the famous Central College, Jaffna seen before the dilapidated buildings of school. Pic; Sunday Leader/ unknown photographer 17-3-2002 Spotter: Ranil Bibile

Our intrepid Pry Minister TINTIN visits another country, this time dominated by the Tigers. He likes the tigers LINK
Ranil then decides that he must somehow visit the City of Yalpanam or what's left of it.
In Yalpanam Tintin decides to disguise himself, gets rid of his trademark western garb and dresses as a native. Unfortunately he ends up looking distinctly shifty and like a cocktail waiter of a cheap Beruwala hotel!

The story continues...
In Yalpanam Tintin meets his old friend General Alcazar of San Theodoros (and former knife thrower under the name of Ramon Zarate. See Pissartists of The Sun). The General is surrounded by his army of Picaros many of whom have deserted and are holding up banks and embarking on rape, pillage etc. The General is of course always interested in buying weapons but our hero Tintin has lofty ideals. In any case the coffers of San Theodoros are empty.The people of Yalpanam have been saved many times in the past and could do without being saved.
ghost stations

Our hero notices there are no trains. Tintin likes trains. He gets them running again but they run past stations without stopping and get derailed on the badly maintained infrastructure. A bit like the government, thinks Tintin..too late to do anything about it...anyway I am a nice guy...
Meanwhile Rastapopulos Prabhakaran senses victory but, in this game, wartime victors can become peacetime losers!
Watch out for the next boring episode!
A signboard painter puts the finishing touches to the station signboard at Valachchenai, in preparation for the resumption of train services to this Eastern city after a lapse of six years. The first night mail train will arrive in Valachchenai this morning. (Picture by Sudath Malaweera/Daily News 19-3-2002) CBKYes! It is "Thundering Monsoons"!MORE{short description of image}
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