Another election!...21st March 2002

Election for Local Bodies (Bodies! Get it!) next pic
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An elderly lady being helped to the polling booth as polling in 222 local bodies started early yesterday morning. Picture by Dudley Wickramasinghe/Daily News 21-3-02
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Lanka Chronicle/Unknown source

There were not that many bodies this time around.

According to our correspondents there have only been three election related murders so far........... (GMT 20:35, 21-3-02)
LATEST! Robert Mugabe wins Colombo Central..! ? Sorry Zimbabwe Central... {short description of image}
President Chandrika Kumaratunga and her brother Anura surrounded by PSD personnel at the Sanghabodhi Vidyalaya where they went to cast their vote. Pic by Kamal Jayamanne/Daily Mirror
We apologise for using the same gag more than once... (Apita Kelawuna etc...)
This is known as "Milking a joke" in the business...

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