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Lankan circles in on milk bottle record Down Under
SYDNEY, Friday (AFP) - Sri Lankan-born Suresh Joachim aims to set his 17th world record here this weekend by walking in circles in a downtown Sydney square for 133km (85 miles) balancing a full bottle of milk on his head.
We at SCN say that a can of Fosters would have been more appropriate Suresh! And there are easier ways of making Yoghurt! Awlrite? And of course for a chap of your age there are easier ways of attracting birds!
"For years Srilankan women have walked around balancing heavy weights on their heads on the way to and from the market or a pot of water from the well and have never been recognised by the Guinnnnessssss book!" complained Mrs. Seelawathie Podimenike of Rikkillagaskade.

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