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First Example Of A Same S*x Marriage In Sri Lanka?..
We at SCN are rather worried about this picture which appeared on another Sri Lankan website with absolutely no details.

(We like to get our facts right!..... Before we distort them!)
It is clear to us that this is some sort of a marriage, wedding or (Ahem!) coupling. The person on the left is obviously the bride, does look nice and feminine inspite of a serious lack of cleavage. (Take our advice Dahling! Never ever wear a strapless gown! OK?)
What really worries us is the Groom in the Sixties style hair-do (right). Our picture editor points out that the Groom is better endowed in the chest department than the Bride. This is really worrying. And what sort of phallic symbol/ s*x aid is he/she/it holding rather proudly?
Can somebody please explain!

(SCN would like your comments but being an old fashioned family-orientated organisation: nothing too crude please!)

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