SPECIAL PHOTO FEATURE: The First Days Of Moustache, The New Sri Lankan Pry Minister!

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There we are folks! Moustache™ the new Sri Lankan Pry Minister not only takes charge of the Sri Lanka Navy but he goes about offering alms to starving Buddhist monks. And not only that! We believe that he is a good cook....useful...maybe for cooking the books? And by the way, why does every new garment have to make religious offerings in a very public manner? And why do we have to have a "Special" exposition of Buddha's teeth at the Dalada Maligawa™ ? Who controls Buddhism™? The Garment? Or is it the other way around...... Don't write! We don't want to know about it! We already know!

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Good food coming up?
Advertisement McMalupaan is good for meditation!...........A McMalupaan A Day Keeps The Doctor Away!.........McMalupaan Corporation Sponsors New Sri Lanka Government!........
Does Mahinda Rajapakse wear a wig? Mahind sels stuff to monk Mahinda Rajapakse sells Koththu Roti Mahinda steers Sri Lanka navy...on to rocks?

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