Fish and Loaves or McMalupaan?

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Pic: Kamal Wanniarachchi/The Island
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Fish and Loaves or McMalupaan?
"When elections come round, politicians would canvass votes from fish if they could, commented a merchant at St. John’s Fish Market, Pettah, yesterday. Dr. Karunasena Kodituwakku, United National Party Colombo district candidate in the forthcoming general election, visited the wholesale market in a spotless batik shirt specially designed for him and campaigned votes from all and sundry as well as, it appears, this load of dead fish."(The Island 30 Nov 2001)
That was the original caption but as everybody knows MPs can perform miracles especially just before elections. This guy has just performed the famous trick of multiplying Fish and Bread to feed the hungry masses ( a trick pioneered by another politician: Jesus Christ of the Nazareth Electorate)
or else he is going into the MaluPaan business...but beware mate! We at SCN own the McMalupaanTM trade mark!
Incidentally such trickery doesn't work as JC found out later when they crucified him!

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