King Sirisanghabodi 247AD-249AD There will never be power shortages in Sri Lanka because everyone is in power!!!!

Pic: Eranga Jayawardena/The Island 26 Dec 2001
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King Sirisanghabodi 247AD-249AD
Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe briefing the local and foreign media on his official visit to India at the Information Department yesterday. - (Pic. by Eranga Jayawardena)

Dear King Ranil....
History of course repeats itself and it would be worthwhile for you as King Ranil the First to study the efforts of your predecessors in sorting the rainfall/hydro-electrics of the Kingdom.
No doubt the chaps in the various Government Departments concerned with water and that sort of thing will know what is best and do leave them severely alone, but for God's sake Ranil don't hold up your hand like that and expect the Gods to come to your rescue! Do something positive!
Read our piece about your predecessor King Sirisanghabodi {short description of image}

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