Fascinating Parliament opening

Sleeping MPs
Pic: Lanka Chronicle/unknown photographer 27 Dec 2001
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Fascinating Parliament opening
The opening of Sri Lanka's 12th parliament which took place on December 20th was a fascinating three-language, multi-cultural event.

With surrealist like qualities the scence unfolded - Bhikku Samitha a long-standing peace activist and new M.P. representing a Left party, the LSSP; a woman, Ferial Ashraff, leading a Muslim group and speaking better Sinhala than some of the westernized Sinhala MPs.
The Speaker - a Catholic, shown on TV being welcomed by Catholic priests, and in his final words to parliament reminding us it was Christmas; Anura Bandaranaike speaking of his 'best friend' Ranil Wickremasinghe, the JVP's only woman Anjan Umma in a revolutionary red burka.
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