Naughty thoughts of a Minister...or Affairs of the State! (Get it?)

Wierdo MP
Pic: The Island/Siripala Halwala 28 Dec 2001
Spotter: Ranil Bibile
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Naughty thoughts of a Minister.... or Affairs of the State
Justice Ministry Secretary Ms. Dharani Wijetilleka with fingers crossed in a pensive mood as her new minister W. J. M. Lokubandara seem to be wondering what his fair secretary was contemplating, while the press conference was in progress yesterday.

That was the original caption in The Island but it doesn't take much intelligence to work out what is happening here.
There is no doubt Ms Wijetillka is quite a good looking female and of course there is no doubt about the naughty thoughts crossing the Ministers mind.
Being a family website, we however decline to elaborate on those thoughts!
Make it up for yourselves!
Incidentally the lovely Ms Wijetilleka is wearing the wrong colour.
Listen darling! Get yourself a UNP green sari!
As for you mate!: Concentrate on Affairs of the State...! Awlright?

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