The Top Sangha prefer SCN! World Exclusive!

Thero prefers SCN!
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This pic appeared in the Lankan media just before the elections but in order not to influence the outcome of the election the McMaluPaan Corporation of Punchi Borella which controls the SCN Srilanka Crazy News acted responsibly and decided not to give the picture publicity unlike our rivals who published it with the misleading caption "You prefer the Daily News to SCN?!" The truth can now be told.
The Thero is of course a venerable Mahanayake who is a respected and learned man and who has a good idea of what is happening in the Srilankan media.
The Lake House Newspapers are about as unbiased and politically neutral as Pope John Paul the Second!
Compared to them SCN is much more believeable, neutral and free with the the truth!

SCN, Srilanka Crazy News and the slogan "We weed out the serious news" are trademarks of the SCN/ MadPage/ McMaluPaan Corp.