"With no pain, there is no gain", said the porcupine!

Murali gets it!
Pic: Associated Press/photographer not known 6 Jan 2001
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Jan 6 (BBC) Muttiah Muralitharan will require surgery at the end of the series against Zimbabwe after tearing finger ligaments. The star spin bowler dislocated the ring finger on his bowling hand attempting to take a catch on near the close of play on Thursday.
But it did not stop him bowling the next day as he attempted unsuccessfully to take his 10th wicket of Zimbabwe's first innings. "I was in a little bit of pain when I bowled this morning.
But, with no pain, there is no gain," he said.(and so said the porcupine making love to a garden rake!- Ed)
"Whatever catches that come your way, you have to take them. At that time, I didn't think about the 10th wicket when I went for the catch".

Inspite of his grimace and the concern of his team mate we are happy to report that Murali did not get it in the balls.
Look on the bright side Murali-me-ol'-mate.
Could have been worse ol' sport!

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