Virgin on the verge? or Nilame's Escort Agency? or Anula's Comeback?

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Pic: The Island/Mangala Weerasekera 11 Jan 2002
Spotter: Ranil Bibile
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A maiden aloft a palanquin bears the Janashakthi crystal trophy with which the winning team in the ongoing Sri Lanka Zimbabwe test series will be honoured. The trophy was brought to the grounds during the weekend while the second test was in progress at the Asgiriya Stadium in Kandy. The maiden bedecked in traditional jewellery had a nilame as her escort. The nilame followed riding a majestic elephant. The trophy will go to the Sri Lankan team who have already won both matches played so far in the three game series. The trophy will be given at the International Stadium in Galle at the end of the third test which will get underway on January 12. (Pic by Mangala Weerasekara)
This is a rather strange one and reminds us of Queen Anula. Anula did get carried away by men.... In a slightly different manner! There is also a hint of Vestal Virgins and human sacrifices. We think that the actual trophy is the girl but we stand to be corrected! No doubt cricketers need a bit of relaxation after a match....SCN
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