WORLD EXCLUSIVE! Babi Achchi gets her bicycle back!

Babi achchi
Pic: Lanka Chronicle/unknown photographer 1 Feb 2002
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Babi Achchi gets her bicycle back!

Inspite of the sort of modern Baila that dominates the scene these days we are sure that most Sri Lankans will remember Babi Achchi (of "Hai! Hooi! Babi Achchigé bicycle eka!" fame).
We are pleased to report that she has now been reunited with her famous bicycle which was stolen two days before the elections.
Nothing is sacred these days and there is absolutely no respect for the elderly.
Two local vigilantes (i.e. thugs) "recovered" it for her and are seen here collecting the reward money!
(Babi Achchi does not make stage appearances anymore and lives a quiet but comfortable life thanks to the royalties on her trade mark.)

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