INDEPENDENCE DAY SPECIAL: Wake up little Suzi! Wake up!

Wake up little Suzi!
DEFENDERS OF THE NATION: Dressed in combat fatigues with their distinctive Uzi machine pistols held ceremonially, these troopers of the Army’s crack Special Forces are seen rehearsing for the Independence Day parade at Independence Square last week. Photo: Sulochana Gamage/Sunday Observer 3 Feb 2002
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Wake up little Uzi! Wake up! Wake up little Suzi! Wake up!
With Independence Day ( Independence from what? The Brits!) coming up we reproduce this pic without political comment (except for our crazy speech balloons!).

Remember that SCN is neutered...sorry neutral....same thing anyway!
As our friends know we are not into war and politics. Still we couldn't help but think that it is not going to be easy in the days to come when we came across this pic.
We are sure that idiots like Ranil and CBK who run the country have got the whole thing sorted out. We hope!
And Ooh-la-la Wake up little Suzi! Wake up!

Technical note: We have mirror-imaged the original pic to suit our speech balloons. If you view the pic from the back of your monitor you will be able to see the original pic...If you view it from the North you will see the LTTE saying the same thing!...

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