Yabbadaba doo! Ado! UNP hoo!

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Aunt Wilma and Uncle Fred Flintstone hosts of Kid Zone with some of the Kid Zone members enjoying an elephant ride. Keells Hotels launched the new project, an exclusive club for children between 4 - 12 years at the Club Intersport Complex at Bentota situated adjoining the Bentota Beach Hotel on January 26.
Pic: The Island/unknown photographer 11 Feb 2002
Spotter: Ranil Bibile
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Fred & Wilma Flintstone Join The UNP
Whilst we can understand that kids do love The Flintstones we can't understand the need for elephants in this situation.
The Flintstones are not associated with elephants.
We think that this a shrewd way of influencing the future voters of the country by associating elephants (and therefore the UNP) with cartoon characters that they love.
We believe it is called subliminal advertising.
Since the UNP came back to power elephants have been turning up in all sorts of unusual situations!
Somehow or the other "Maithree!" hasn't got the same ring as "Wilma!"

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