Human shield.........? Shurely Shome Mistake!

human shield
Pic: Buddhika Weerasinghe / Daily Mirror 14 Feb 2002
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A Policeman giving a lift on his bicycle to a Tamil visitor to the "Tamil is our life" (Tamil Engal Uyir) celebrations at Muttharipputharai Mannar recently. The Pandal at the entrance to the celebration venue is in the background. (Pic. by Buddhika Weerasinghe)

That is the original caption. As the venerable "Private Eye" (a British satirical magazine) would have said: "Shurely Shome Mistake!"
There is surely shome mistake here as to why a policeman should be offering this man a lift. Please send us your answers!

Look at the picture again and read the original caption. If the pandal in the background is the entrance to the celebration why are these two riding PAST it? Or is it the perfect shot? Or has this "photo-shoot" been stage managed by my friends in the government for propaganda purposes?

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