Down the drain and into my pockets????

Floating Rupee
Pic: Ravindra Deeptha/Daily Mirror15 Feb 2002
Spotter: Ranil Bibile
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Minister of Power and Energy, Karu Jayasuriya along with engineers of the Kukule Ganga Project inspects the six-kilometre tunnel which was completed. - Pic by Ravindra Deeptha

Don't get us wrong!
We at SCN are proud of the great engineering projects of the Mother Land but we do have a rather jaded view of Ministerial interference and every time we see a Minister or any such species involved with anything to do with Foreign Aid we automatically raise our eyebrows...
We can see where the money is going...down the Swanee (or should that be "down the Mahaweli"?) and into somebody's pocket..
We could be mistaken of course...
We are sure old Karu Jayasuriya is an honourable man.

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