Arranged Marriages..Vihara MD Park style...oh! the memories!{short description of image}

valentine and love
Pic: Ravindra Deeptha/Daily Mirror15Feb 2002
Spotter: Ranil Bibile
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Valentine comes to secret park
Despite a call by the Mahanayakes for a ban on what they see as the obnoxious western culture of Valentine's Day, girls and boys came in large numbers yesterday to Vihara Mahadevi Park which is infamous as a rendezvous for secret lovers. Some of the girls and boys, though defying the Mahanayakes' call, were not romantically brave enough to show their faces and wore masks. The group's main demand was for the right to make their own decision when it came to marriage. This was part of an event called "Chamathkara Kandaura". Elsewhere Valentine's Day was more extravagant with superclass dances for lovers at luxury hotels. Pic by Ravindra Deeptha.
We at SCN shed a few tears when we saw this romantic pic. About 32 years ago the SCN made use of the romantic facilities afforded by Victoria Park ( later renamed Vihara MD park... and no doubt CBK Park or Maithree Park in the future!) Ahh! The Memories!

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