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Coconut Girls
With the rapid urbanisation of the coastal belt of Srilanka the modern generation can now grow up without ever having seen a coconut tree, let alone be able to pluck a coconut. There is therefore a great demand for Coconut Appreciation Classes, in the fashion of "keep-fit" classes.
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Here we see a group of young girls going through the routine at one of the posh hotels in Colombo. Srilankans of our vintage might remember the Coconut Grove, a nightclub in Colombo.
The girl dressed in white on the left is just begining to appreciate the shape of a coconut whilst the two girls in the middle (in black) have just about worked out how to handle a coconut with one hand. The girl on the extreme right has absolutely no idea of what a coconut is!
The whole exercise is carried out to the incessant, repetetive and loud music of " Johnny Coconut and the Arecanuts", a local group whose repertoire consists entirely of "I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts" and the late M.S. Fernando's "Pol, Pol, Pol, Pol,...".
Note the artificial coconut tree in the background.

Regular classes are also held in London, Melbourne and Toronto

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