Pic: AFP/unknown photographer on CNN 7 March 2002 Spotter: Ranil Bibile
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The Circus Is Still In Town!

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka --It is possibly the heaviest and biggest sporting team on the planet, outweighing the more popular and world famous basketball, cricket and football sides that grace television screens and newspapers. But Sri Lanka's fleet-of-foot elephant polo team is the toast of the town, trumpeting its success at the World Beach championships all over the world.
The host nation trampled all over England 15-1 in the final of the six-team tournament that included entries from Scotland, Thailand and Hong Kong, the South China Morning Post reported on Wednesday.

Instead of the usual bullshit we decided on elephant....
Like we've said before, for a so called endangered species, we have been seeing more than average numbers of elephants in the Srilankan media after the last elections. Are they politically motivated?

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