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SCN, Srilanka Crazy News and the slogan "We weed out the serious news" are trademarks of the SCN/MadPage/ McMaluPaan Corp.

If you have got this far this is our editorial policy. As the name implies we publish zany, crazy or funny stories and pics. Everybody's idea of fun is not the same. Some stories are tragic.
We are not into politics as such but unfortunately Srilankan culture is inextricably entagled in politics. Some of the stories do have a political aspect but we have chosen the stories without any political bias on our part.

We of course welcome stories and crazy pics.
They have to have a Srilankan flavour and wherever possible we need to know the source.
Please note that we want news stories and not jokes, anecdotes or "Gami Katha". Obscure Srilankan publications are the best source for such stories. We get most of the main news on the wire services.
As far as pictures go where possible we acknowledge our picture sources and freely admit that we have pinched them! Our zany captions may or may not reflect the actual people or events....Usually, they don't!... we will review almost anything with a Srilankan theme except porn or pictures of dead bodies.

As far as advertising goes it is free but no serious political sites, serious religious sites or war related sites. We welcome satire, humour, charities, old boys' assocs, food, drink, services and even sports.
If you become one of our regular correspondents and send us useful stories or pics we might send you a t-shirt or a backward facing baseball cap with the SCN logo!
Do visit us everyday as we do our best to update the crazy stuff on a daily basis. Write to us and don't forget to tell your friends and enemies about us....
A subsidiary of the

In the past we, like our rivals The Lake House Newspapers, may have given the impression that we at SCN were supporters of the PA and that Chandrika was the greatest living being since Mahatma Gandhi, Carlo Fonseka, Bill Clinton and Mother Theresa and that sunshine came out of her a*se!
We now freely admit that we were mistaken and wish to apologise to our readers. We believe that Ranil is the greatest living being since Mahatma Gandhi, Carlo Fonseka, Bill Clinton and Mother Theresa and that sunshine comes out of his a*se!

SCN is a subsidiary of the MadPage Corporation and the Mc MaluPaan Corporation. We are not liable for anything! We don't even have terms and conditions. Just have fun! Remember life is too short and never take life seriously as you won't get out of it alive! This page has been produced on a Gateway PC using a mouse and the right index finger. Publisher: Gyan Fernando., Tech. support: R. Brown. Contact us: crazylanka.com

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