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Rose Garden Resort, Nakorn Pathom, Thailand, Nov 4 (our corr. Sihalayan Urumayabhoomi/ TCN)
Peace talks between Tamil victims and Sinhalese aggressors commenced this morning at 1030 hrs after a breakfast consisting of traditional bacon and eggs. The staff assured that the bacon was Halal and not really bacon but mostly soya bean curd with added monosodium glutamate(MSG). Both Balasingham and Pieris asked for extra helpings of MSG.

After breakfast the Norwegian negotiator Helga Ranilson rushed to the toilet explaining that it was an old Norse tradition.

Later Balasingham and Pieris planted a Cannonball tree in the garden. Balasingham complained that he was an ill man and Pieris said he had back problems. Helga Ranilson intervened and dug a hole. After an impromptu press conference the delegates retired to read newspapers.

A dog tried to dig up the newly planted tree but was chased away after a major operation by the Thai Security Forces. One member of the force suffered a dog bite and another shot himself in the left foot.
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SATTAHIP, Thailand, Sept 16 (our corr. Somachan Suhadhabhoomi / TCN)
Peace talks between Tamil rebels and the Sri Lankan delegation commenced this morning at 0942 hrs. There was minor disagreement as to the auspicious time. G.L.Pieris insisted on facing the West on the advice of astrologers which also happened to be facing the cameras.
Norwegians opened the proceedings with the greeting "Goot Mornink!" to which Anton Balasingham responded "Vannakkam!", Pieris as "Ayubowan!" and Mullah Hakeem as "Salam Aleyikum!". A protracted and long-drawn discussion took place as to the accepted form of greeting. It was finally agreed that "Good Morning" was neutral even though it reflected our repression under colonialists. This ended the morning session.

Lunch was served immediatly afterwards. Mullah Hakeem wanted an assuarance that the meat was Halal. He was eventually persuaded that it was. "You can starve!" suggested Balasingham helpfully. Pieris laughed.

The Norwegians said they liked Thai food. Balasingham insisted that it was far inferior to Thosai and Vaddai. Pieris insisted that food from the South was far superior to that from the North. Mullah said there is nothing more heavenly than "Watalappan". A lively discussion ensued. Norwegians stepped into stop a spring roll throwing fight by grabbing the best bits of hot thai curry with chicken and the best spring rolls.
After lunch everyone had a nap.

In the evening it was a night out to see the Thai dancing girls. Everyone agreed that theThai girls were nice. Everyone enjoyed themselves. Balasingham even lent his spectacles to Pieris who had forgotten his.
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