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Daily Mirror 5-4-2002
LTTE enters mainstream politics - News item

This cartoon appeared with the above caption (and without the speech ballons of course!).

The main concern at SCN were the practical difficulties involved like getting trousers over the tail but then we realised that most politicians have always had tails being usually from the Nari/Hival (Jackal) and related species....

So "Vanakkam!" and don't worry about your tail! Just enter into the spirit of politics...corruption, bribery, thuggery....but perhaps you are already experienced?....

Unless otherwise stated, all cartoons are from the Daily Mirror. Used without permission. Our apologies!

SCN is politically unbalanced to the extent that we are more balanced than the state controlled media! Tigertoons, SCN, Srilanka Crazy News and the slogan "We weed out the serious 'toons" are trademarks of the SCN/ MadPage/ McMaluPaan Corp.

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