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{short description of image} Sri Lankan hi-tech exam cheat arrested
Aug 13 2001 12:45 IST COLOMBO, Aug 13 (AFP) - A Sri Lankan student who used a mobile phone strapped to his body to cheat in an exam has been arrested, police said Monday. Advertisement The high-school student was handed over to the police after examiners found a mobile phone under bandages on his arm, with a hands-free microphone pinned under his shirt collar and an earphone in his hand. "He would cover his ear with his palm and get instructions to answer the GCE (general certificate of education) Advanced Level paper last week," police said. The student, who was not named as he is under 18 years of age, had pretended he was in great pain and told examiners that a doctor had advised him not to remove the bandages under any circumstances. Under Sri Lanka's examination act, cheating is a criminal offence, but police have not yet decided if they will prosecute the boy. Offenders found guilty of cheating face a one year ban from taking exams.
Shame game
{short description of image} Embarrassment galore for Lankans in Edmonton
Shame game (Yes, we agree - Ed)
Channaka de Silva reporting from Canada Sunday Times12th August 2001 (abridged - Ed)
....Another incident of indecent behaviour by Lankan athletes was revealed by Sri Lankan officials yesterday and more nastily it also had a direct bearing on the Sri Lankan community here. The official said the Sri Lankan officials received a complaint from an irate Sri Lankan living here that his daughter who was on duty at the opening ceremony as a volunteer had been asked by a Sri Lankan male athlete to go out to a night club. Lankans living here said the girl who was not more than 15 years old had been stunned by the suggestion and had complained it to the father. The athlete had befriended the girl after introducing himself, the source said. This incident had left a sour taste in the mouth of Lankans here even before the other incidents surfaced they said.
{short description of image} Sri Lankan athletes caught shoplifting, drinking
Aug 10, 2001(AFP)
Sri Lanka's athletes have set a record of their own at the World Athletics Championships in Canada with two sacked from the team for shop-lifting and another deported for drunkenness. Two athletes in the Sri Lankan contingent at the championships in Edmonton were caught shop-lifting by Canadian police. They were later freed following the intervention of team manager Palitha Fernando, officials said Friday.

Daily News,Saturday, 11 August 2001
Meanwhile, the man who turned Navy's glory to disgrace in less than an year - Sumedha Arunashantha Fernando,(No relation - Ed) will leave for Colombo tomorrow. Ten months ago in Sydney, he was a hero for his service team when he became the first sailor to represent Sri Lanka at the Olympics. In Canada, he ran from grace to disgrace - first he was caught for allegedly coming to the Athletes Village under the influence of liquor and attempting to sexually harass a woman Village cleaner. After being expelled from the Athletes Village for the first charge, Fernando was caught for shoplifting and ran into further trouble.
{short description of image} Money making conductors
Daily News Tuesday, 31 July 2001 (letter)........As an example I take route No. 240 - Colombo/Negombo. On a working day morning the bus starts from the Negombo stand fully loaded with more passengers standing than sitting. The conductor delays the issuing of tickets with a devious motive. At the first railway crossing more passengers get in. The first lot of passengers get down at the Telwatta junction - a Rs. 3/- distance. Now none of these passengers have been issued tickets, so they hand over the money to the conductor and get down. Obviously the conductor pockets in all these (sic - Ed) money. This goes on like this up to Katunayake.......... (abridged - Ed)

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