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{short description of image} Cricket - the detrimental time-killer
Sunday Observer Sunday, 12 August 2001 Letters (abridged - Ed)
During the early 1970's I was in the staff of a leading government boys' school situated in the heart of the Kandy town. At that time I was in charge of junior sports. A boy of about 13 yrs, the son of a University Professor, who had been studying in the United States for a few years when his father was doing some research work there, was admitted to our school on his return. He had been a student of our school earlier.
One day I had a very interesting conversation with him during the interval. I asked him about sports in the United States. He spoke at length about baseball, basketball, boxing, rugby football, tennis and many other sports but never mentioned a word about cricket. So I asked him "Son, what about cricket?" This is what he told me: "Sir, the Americans and the Russians do not play cricket and they have gone to the moon. But the British and their cronies are chasing a ball 5 days of the week. Look at the industrially developed countries like Japan and Germany and even China. Do they play cricket? No - only time saving, quick and interesting games like basketball, football etc. Cricket is an utter wastage of precious time. It is a game that is not suited at all for poor developing countries as it results in so much wastage of valuable man hours with people glued to the TV at all times of the match. M.V.N. De Silva-Moratuwa
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{short description of image} Big stink over Schmel Launchers
By Frederica Jansz The Sunday Leader12th August 2001 (abridged - Ed)
A multi-million dollar arms deal for a weapon banned by the Americans and now manufactured and sold only by the Russians has been negotiated by the Sri Lanka Army via a third party and has resulted in senior army officers and weapons agents crying 'foul.'
Even the Sri Lankan Army Commander has not been spared in this instance from an allegation that he demanded a multi-million rupee commission on a top-secret weapons purchase for the Army.
The Sunday Leader has found in its investigation that not only are arms dealers and senior army officers fighting to secure fast bucks, 1000 units of the weapon in question for which the Army paid millions of dollars is of old stock and may have even exceeded its shelf life.
The Sri Lanka Army in January this year awarded a tender to Gladstone Industrial Holdings Limited, to purchase 1000 units of RPO-A Shmel rocket launchers. Although usually referred to in descriptive literature as a flame-thrower, the RPO-A Shmel, is a rocket propelled incendiary/blast project launcher. (The schmell is of course overpowering! - Ed) Complete story {short description of image}The Sunday Leader

{short description of image} Theft at Sri Lanka police command leaves officer shoeless
Aug 14 2001 13:04 IST COLOMBO, Aug 14 (AFP) - A senior police officer was left red-faced after his shoes were stolen at a high-security command and control centre, officials said Tuesday. Advertisement Superintendent Assistant V. Indran had politely left his shoes by the door before entering the high security communications centre, but on his return realised the footwear had been taken. A search was launched, but the authorities were unable to find the well-polished standard-issue shoes, even though no civilians are permitted to enter the area, officials said. "It is very embarrassing," said Indran. "I left the shoes behind and walked in in my socks. When I returned after a turn of duty at the weekend, the shoes were gone. I was left in my socks."
{short description of image} Businessman caught selling 'mother earth'
ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka August 13, Colombo: A businessman from Panadura had been caught by Customs for allegedly attempting to send five container loads of soil to the Maldives. Exporting soil is prohibited under the Forest Act and the Mines and Minerals Act. Investigations by Customs revealed that he had been in the business for a long time and had sent several tons of earth to the Maldives. According to Customs he had sent the earth under a bogus classification of coconut fiber waste and compost manure. The businessman had confessed that he had done this for a long time. Customs said 90% of his consignments consisted of earth. The containers have been confiscated and the man is to be charged.

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