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{short description of image} TV and cholesterol Daily News (internet) Aug 22, 2001(letter)
In your sister journal the Sunday Observer recently, there was an article on the page 'Books' by Theresa Motha very vividly elucidating on the subject 'Psychology' in which she issued a warning to parents, specially to working couples (the kind that abandon kids! - Ed) 'kids who watch TV for two or more hours daily according to a news study are likely to have elevated cholesterol levels.' (This is definitely a new one on us! Butter, Margarine, coconut oil...but the Telly? No one eats Televisions! - Ed) The schoolchildren are now on a long vacation, lasting for nearly 35 to 40 days. They are at full liberty to view any channel out of 9, various programmes are telecast for about 18 to 20 hrs or so. The parents should strictly instruct to view programs only suitable to their age-groups and to avoid unseemly scenes which affect their morals, habits, and behaviours. Only selected programs will be allowed to view. Health hazards such as bad vision, rise of cholesterol may also result in them besides moral turpitudes. Bad manners and habits are easily prone in their young minds because of their innocence or ignorance.
J. E. Vethanayagam-Moratuwa. (Stay at home and supervise the kids! God only knows what they are up to if they are capable of eating hi-cholestrol television sets! - Ed)
{short description of image} Lawmaker remanded to prison for 7 mo. for stripping of woman
Aug 22 (Kyodo) An elected member of a provincial council in Sri Lanka's North Western Province has been remanded to custody until March 26 next year by a high court judge who refused to grant him bail on charges of stripping a woman naked during the run-up to a provincial council election in 1998. Refusing the bail application, the judge described the offense as "immoral and brutal" and against "accepted norms of morality." (From INFOLANKA)(Elections are fun in Srilanka - Ed)
{short description of image} Daily News (internet) Aug 22, 2001 No respect for women (letter)
A parliamentary member has stated that when his party comes into power, they will strip the President and show her on TV. In my opinion this is the remark of a barbaric uncivilised person who has no respect for womankind. Such a person is not fit to be a parliamentary member of a Buddhist country like Sri Lanka. He is more fit to represent animals than humans.
(Whilst Mrs CBK the lady president is not a bad-looking woman we doubt it if there would be much demand for her as a stripper! For the benefit of non-Srilankan readers who are probably confused, this appears to be a case of the traditional Srilankan threat to remove a persons Sarong (male) or the Redda (female version of the sarong)- Ed)
{short description of image} New York Times August 17, 2001
As Sri Lanka War Brings Ruin, Villages Live Off It
There are now more than five times as many people employed in the security forces as there are in the tourism industry of this island nation off the southern tip of India. And as military spending has grown from 1 percent of the economy before the war began in the early 1980's to 6.8 percent last year, more and more people are making a living from the conflict. Jobs are few and the young man went to war for a paycheck.
"The war has become an institution," said a Western diplomat based in Colombo, the capital. "Rich people are making money on commissions, kickbacks, selling supplies to the army. The soldiers are fairly well paid too. Everybody seems to be making money. It's a highly democratic system."
(In the economic sense, the next logical step should be to export the war - Ed)

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