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{short description of image} At present the CMC is in the process of cleaning Norris Canal which flows by the National Hospital morgue. (Do not throw dead bodies into the canal - Ed) Cleaning the Canal alone has cost the over Rs. 120 million. They said that most of the big drains have not been cleaned for years. The Island, 6,Sept 2001
Who is in charge here?
{short description of image} Illegal wepons
ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka Sept 14, Colombo: Illegal weapons continue to be a headache for police because of increasing crime across the island, officials said. The JVP has also asked the government to collect these weapons. Most of the weapons were given to politicians during the JVP’s violent reign of terror in 1989.
(Can somebody explain this to us at SCN : Who started the violence? A million dollars for the first correct answer! No serious answers pleeze! No purchase necessary.Your statutary right to buy, sell, acquire, exchange or redistribute arms has not been violated except where arms means limbs in which case a license from the Chief Medical Officer is required)
{short description of image} Rape 14-year-old girl by actor Ja-ela
An actor who performed in a popular Sinhala film now showing is charged before Wattala Magistrate with raping a 14-year old girl.
{short description of image} 71-year-old actor remanded for rape of school girl Ambalangoda
Balapitiya Magistrate M L Dharmadasa remanded a 71-year-old popular film and stage actor for allegedly raping an eight-year-old school girl.
(Both stories are from Lanka Chronicle - Ed)
{short description of image} Mahawa office train No. 470 Daily News (letter)
Therefore, without shortening the usual length of the train please replace the removed compartments for the somewhat convenience of the travelling passengers who are more or less glued to one another in every compartment. It is no exaggeration to say that people occupy even the toilets of every compartment in a bid to rush home. (abridged - Ed)
Our Railway Stories are on MADPAGE
{short description of image} Doc killed as gun goes off accidentally
by Norman Palihawadana The Island Wednesday 12th September, 2001
A doctor serving in Gonagolle government hospital in Ampara district was killed when a gun belonging to a homeguard attached to the hospital police post had accidentally gone off last Friday (07), Ampara police said. The deceased has been identified as Dr. Malavi de Silva (36). Investigations had revealed that this doctor was in the habit of keeping friendly company with officers attached to the hospital police post. On this fateful day as usual the doctor had been in conversation with the officers on duty at the hospital police post when the gun belonging to the homeguard went off accidentally. The medical officer had been liked by all the hospital staff as he had been a friendly type. Police believe that this could be an accidental death. However, the homeguard concerned has been arrested. Ampara police is conducting further investigations.

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