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{short description of image} "I am not going to come to this bloody court any more" shouted a German Mechanical Engineer and later the Colombo High Court Judge Eric Basnayake, imposed a fine of Rs. 5000 on Peter Rudolf Press when he pleaded guilty to the charge of contempt of Court. From the Daily News 28 Sept 2001. (Having wasted time in court ourselves we can only sympathise with Herr Press - Ed)
No pleasure without pain.....
{short description of image} The stuntman
By Chandra Edirisuriya Daily News Tuesday, 25 September 2001
A young boy in his mid teens emerged through the vestibule of a Chinese made power set train compartment, on the coastal line, and walked past with a bag in one hand and a long white fluorescent tube light in other. Everyone thought that he was an electrician on his way to fix a light. But to everyone's surprise he stopped in the middle of the compartment and started sounding a drum like an African tribal drum and announced that he was going to perform the stunt of rolling on a broken fluorescent tube.
He kept his bag on the floor, pulled out a rug to lie on and some pictures of his childhood to display.
All of a sudden he kneeled down, broke the fluorescent tube in two with a loud pop sound and a gas spreading out to affect the eyes of even the sitting passengers. He crushed the glass tube to small pieces with his bare back, rolling on it. And when he got up blood was seen mixed with the powdery glass, on his body. He went round for the collection and from the passengers of about one half of the compartment who witnessed the stunt he could collect about fifty rupees, in three ten rupee notes and the rest in coins.
A passenger wearing a red cap contributing the change he had to the hat collection while also kicking at a piece of glass that had come flying at him at the breaking of the tube, back to where it belonged, surmised". Is this the future in store for our able bodied young men?"
Birds can cause havoc.
{short description of image} Explosive Pigeons (Newslanka 20 Sept 2001)
An argument over two pigeons ended with five persons being injured in a hand grenade blast at Nallooruwa, Panadura on Tuesday.
Swords, knives and other weapons had also been used in the clashover ther ownership of the birds. The grenade explosion had damaged several houses as well. It was the third incident of its kind to occur in the area, this year.
{short description of image} The Island
31 Aug 2001
Doctors from General Hospitals join strike today
by Dilanthi Jayamanne
Doctors in all general hospitals through out the country will join the on going strike today, in demand of an increase in their overtime and holiday payments. Dr. Anuruddha Padeniya, General Secretary of the Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) said that the general hospitals of the North and East had been given the option in deciding whether they wanted to join the rest of the island in their campaign for the two payments.
{short description of image} Daily News
31 Aug 2001
Doctors call off strike
by Bharatha Malawaraarachchi
Government doctors last evening decided to call off their trade union action after an extensive discussion held between the Health authorities and Government Medical Officers Association(GMOA) representatives. "Considering the country's present situation, we decided to call off our trade union action in response to the Ministry agreeing to revise over-time rates and off-day payments according to the 1997 Salary Revision." General Secretary of the GMOA Dr. Anuruddha Padeniya told the `Daily News.'
As the venerable "Private Eye" would ask: " Are these two stories related by any chance?" - Ed.

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