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Man Drops Sarong in Court
{short description of image} Pandemonium in Court
Panadura group correspondent (Daily News 16 Oct 2001)
Pandemonium reigned at the Panadura Magistrate's Court and Panadura Magistrate Sirisunanda Herath adjourned the sittings of the Court on Tuesday around 12.20 p.m. as a result of scene created by a suspect who was produced before Court by Panadura Police Crime branch officials in connection with a charge of causing mischief (sic - Ed) to a house to the extend (sic - Ed) of Rs. 60,000/- on Monday night at Kovilawatte, Panadura. The suspect walked upto the witness box in the Court house and loosened his sarong and dropped it and abused, the Court officials and the prison officials in filth and fought with the prison guards attempting to prevent him shouting further. The Magistrate was taken by surprised and adjourned Court. . The suspect who was in Police custody on Monday night alleged to have consumed liquor. The prison officials said the suspect was smelling of liquor.
Spotter: Vinod Moonesinghe
Fussy elephants
{short description of image} Spread of lantana a threat to wildlife
ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka Oct 15, Colombo: The Wild Life Conservation Department said that wild animals are facing extreme difficulties due to the spreading of lantana or “gandapana" in the Udawalawa National Park. This has given rise to a serious problem regarding the supply of food to wild animals. Elephants are the worst affected. (We never realised elephants were that fussy. May be the smell of Gandapana - Ed)
Spotter: Nimal Perera
{short description of image} Even the dead can't rest in peace
(Daily News 9 oct 2001)
Relatives of patients pronounced dead at the Rajangane Tract 5 hospital have to spend sleepless nights at the hospital morgue to protect the dead bodies from wild cats invading the morgue to devour human flesh until the bodies are released to them after the inquests. Residents in the area said that the morgue is in a dilapidated state and its main entrance is without a door. Although the building has a window frame affixed to it the window too is missing. So wild cats gain easy access to the morgue and attack the bodies unless someone keeps vigil to drive them away.
{short description of image} Monks complain of Police harassment
by Ravi Ladduwahetty (Daily News 8 Oct 2001)
Police threatened to unrobe the Maha Sangha in public within the Sri Dalada Maligawa premises during the exposition of the Sacred Tooth Relic, Buddhist monks told the Daily News last night.
"They threatened to unrobe us publicly. They also threatened to assault us and lock us up. They never cared that we were the Buddhist clergy," said W. Dhammarama Thera of the Asgiriya Maha Viharaya.
{short description of image} The Island, 6 Oct 2001 (Caption) With power cuts becoming the order of the day - and night - merchants in the Pettah and other places around the country have found a steady and increasing demand for kerosene lamps and candles. Island photographer Siripala Halwela captured these two pictures in the Pettah - men going for lamps while-the women appearing to prefer candles.(Oh yes! We know that - Ed) {short description of image}

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