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Man wearing cushion cover pelted with rotten tomatoes
{short description of image} PA MP pelted
[ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka] Nov 02, Colombo: The ruling party's controversial former MP and candidate in the forthcoming election Mervyn Silva was pelted with tomatoes by angry crowds in Colombo Central on Thursday. The incident took place when Mr. Silva, who was campaigning in the area, got into an argument with a three-wheel driver and started abusing him. Angry crowds that soon gathered pelted the former MP with rotten tomatoes and he was hurried away from the scene by his personal security guards. (See below for more about this guy - Ed)
Spotter: Ranil Bibile
Man wearing cushion cover charged!
{short description of image} Mervyn to be charged in courts
by Norman Palihawadane (The Island, 26 Oct 2001)
Former Deputy Minister Mervyn Silva who was released on police bail on allegations of the forcefully entering "Divaina" newspaper editorial office will be charged in courts after submitting the ‘B’ report to courts, Colombo Division DIG, Gerard Ignatious Perera said.
Marvyn(sic) Silva and six of his security officers last Monday stormed into the ‘Divaina’ newspaper editorial office and threatened the staff over a news report publish (sic) about him. Mervyn Silva was arrested by Kotahena police and taken for questioning and later they released(sic) on police bail. (See our own version of events below or click the link to see the {short description of image}Cushion Cover Man!)
Freedom of the press
{short description of image} Mervyn de Silva threatens Divaina journalist
The Island 23 Oct 2001
Yesterday, our sister paper the Divaina had an uninvited visitor in the form of pint-sized People’s Alliance organiser for Colombo Central, Mr. Mervyn De Silva, and five well built tough looking men accompanying him. They had brushed aside security personnel at the entrance to the premises of Upali Newspapers and forcibly entered the editorial offices of the newspaper. He was in an angry mood and demanding from those present to identify the reporter Janitha Seneviratne. With a pointed forefinger he went around asking the editorial staff - ‘Are you Janitha Seneviratne’. But the reporter was not in office at that time. Mr. de Silva had abused journalists in vile language and threatened them with death.
Spotter: Ranil Bibile
(From The Island of 27 Oct. Use our links to "The Island" to go to this story and have a laff!)
MPs asked to vacate official residences
By Shamindra Ferdinando
Politicians residing at the 120 unit Madiwela housing complex have been asked to vacate their homes on or before next Wednesday, an authoritative official said yesterday.
(Read how our hardworking MPs have been forced to live on the streets! In our general dislike of politicians of all colours we thought we should give this story top billing. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!- Ed)
{short description of image} Unserviceable railway wagons (Daily News 26 Oct 2001)
"Almost every railway station in the Puttalam District possesses its quota of unserviceable railway wagons in advanced stages of decay. They've been there over the years with apparently no effort made to sell them for scrap. They have their uses however. Bootleggers hide their liquor in them, and these are safe havens for prostitutes to ply their trade.
(With wine and women the service must now be said to have improved! - Ed)

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