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{short description of image} JVP led Students’ Council on the rampage at Ruhuna University
Three LMC student nurses warded by Saman Indrajith (The Island, 14 Jan 02)
Three female student nurses, of the fee levying Lactation Management Course (LMC), conducted by the Ruhuna University, were admitted to Karapitiya Teaching Hospital, on Saturday afternoon, following an assault by internal medical students of the same university. Programme coordinator of the LMC, who tried to intervene with the intention of bringing the situation under control, was hit with eggs and stones by the students. His vehicle was damaged by some students who wore black masks to avoid identification, witnesses said.
"The Lactation Management Course is a fee levying one. When the students protested against the fee levying Programme to be conducted within the university, university authorities promised that the course would be conducted outside the university. But they brought the students inside the university around 2 p.m. on Saturday, despite the protest by internal students. Arguments ended in a clash," said the Convener of the Inter University Students Federation (IUSF) Ravindra Mudalige.
He described the LMC as an initial step in the privatization of the university education and said that the IUSF will use all their resources to fight against this "The LMC is a primary plan to start fee levying courses. We will not allow the university to give priority to the students who pay for their education while the internal students’ education is put into disarray," he said.

A senior lecturer, who did not wanted to be identified, said that the academic staff, of the Ruhuna University, is disgusted with the violent behavior shown by the internal students who would graduate as doctors someday. "We never expected that our own students would attack a teacher in such a bad manner," he said. "As the internal students assaulted the student nurses with clubs and sticks the Programme coordinator, Dr. Sujeewa Amarasena came between them to stop this violent act. But, undergraduate activists of the JVP led Students Council continued their violence. They smashed the windscreen of Dr. Amarasena’s vehicle and attacked him with eggs and stones. This was the most violent response I have ever seen from our own students," he said. (Times have changed obviously! As students some of us liked nurses. But then we were Colombo students....not that Ruhuna lot! - Ed) Spotter: Ranil Bibile
The Battle of The Khakis, Kandy
{short description of image} Kandy turns mini battlefield as police-army clash
The Island 25 Jan 2002 by Norman Palihawadana and Cyril Wimalasurendre in Kandy
Thousands of people watched with amazement a rare occurrence of the two uniformed groups — the army and police clashing on Dalada Veediya the main street of Kandy leading to the most venerated shrine the Sri Dalada Maligawa yesterday afternoon. At least four persons including a soldier, two policemen sustained injuries in the mini battle between the brass-buttoned men of the two disciplined units.
The road barrier in close proximity to the Sri Dalada Maligawa was toppled and the telephone of the police post at the road barrier was smashed. Three motor cycles of the Kandy Traffic Police were damaged, said Kandy police adding that the jeep of the Kandy Headquarters Inspector (HQI) was badly damaged. Both police and the army shot several rounds in the air to frighten the opposite groups.
The public in fear took to their heels, to find sanctuary while some shops on the street put up their shutters. The mini battle sparked off as a policeman on duty at Dalada Veediya ordered a driver of an army vehicle to drove the vehicle as it was a no parking place. The policeman’s language was too harsh and abusive, it was alleged. This led to the army officer seated in the vehicle to retaliate which led to a clash between the cop on one side and the army personnel and the driver on the other side. This ended in a serious clash. Subsequently, additional police and army personnel joined sides to exchange physical blows in the eyes of the public crowding the street.
Police and army rushed to the scene carrying arms which they did not use except to fire several times in the air. Finally Kandy’s Senior SP Asoka Ratnaweera, SP Kulasiri Udugampola, HQI Edmond Mahendra along with several senior top brass had talks with the Central Command Brigadier R. B. Tammita to arrive at a amicable settlement late in the afternoon. Later both parties withdrew from the scene. Spotter: Ranil Bibile
Fruitcake Attacks Fruit
{short description of image} Evicted vendor goes berserk
Daily News 11 Jan 2002 by S. M. Jiffrey Abdeen
A man worse for liquor, armed with a knife went berserk at the Kandy Central Market causing damage to items in the fruit stalls on Tuesday evening (January 8) just before the power cut.
It is alleged that this person had been shouting that he was compelled to stay at home while others are doing business. It transpired that this person was a fruit seller on the pavement in front of the Central Market but this week the Kandy Municipal Council with the help of the police had cleared the area of the pavement hawkers.
Being deprived of his avenue of income, he had taken himself to attack the fruit stalls inside the market possibly suspecting them of having a hand in his eviction from the area where he was plying his trade. When he came into the market brandishing the knife and started slashing the fruits and packetted items displayed in the fruit stalls, the customers inside the market took to their heels in fear.
Kandy police moved in swiftly and arrested the offender who later repented his foolishness and agreed to compensate the stall holders for the damage done. He has already paid one stall holder a sum of Rs. 10,000 and also apologised for his conduct and given the police an assurance that he will not repeat it. Likewise the other stall holders are also expecting some sort of compensation for the damage done and in all it is alleged some five fruit stalls suffered damages, mostly to fruits and no human being was attacked as they hurried for safety elsewhere. (Fruits can't hurry elsewhere for their safety of course and who, by the way, said that fruit and nuts were good for your health? - Ed) Spotter: Ranil Bibile

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