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Lux soap opera or complete washout!
{short description of image} Workers disrupt Lux launch
Sunday Times 10.2.02
Unilever Ceylon was forced to cancel its costly re-launch of the Lux brand range of soap recently when workers who lost their jobs staged a noisy protest outside the venue of what had been billed as a "dazzling" show.
The unveiling of the new "International Lux Collection" had been scheduled for February 2 at the BMICH. The evening was to have taken the form of a "star-studded" celebration, one of the highlights of which was to have been the appearance of four film star actresses representing the four variants of soap. An electrical fault caused by rain first disrupted the power supply at the outdoor show.
Then, some 300 workers from the Mabole tea packing plant that had been closed picketed in front of the hall, shouting slogans and brandishing placards that proclaimed the plight of their destitute families. The authorities decided to call off the show when police warned that the demonstrators might turn violent, journalists covering the event said.
Spotter: Ranil Bibile
Police go for firearms training
{short description of image} Wild boar goes berserk
By J.A.L Jayasinghe Daily Mirror 4 Feb 2002
A wild boar which had apparently lost its way and got into Kandy town yesterday afternoon went berserk and ran along Kandy-Peradeniya road and attacked a woman leading to her hospitalisation. The residents of the area said that the animal had come from the nearby forest and entered a textile shop in Mulgampola and a childrens' home frightening the occupants in them.Unable to control the animal, residents had called in the police. The police had to use five bullets to kill the animal. (Time for target practice? - Ed)
Spotter: Ranil Bibile
Criminals start young
{short description of image} Sex rap drives kid to family horror
Daily Mirror 4 Feb 2002
The probe on the Enderamulla killing of a 3-year-old child and her parents took a horrifying turn when police arrested the child's 11-year-old brother for allegedly giving sleeping tablets to the family and then setting the house on fire. OIC Kadawata police, N. Nalaka said there had been a longstanding sexual relationship between the boy and a 22-year-old friend and they had been warned against it by his parents - M.B. Saheed and Rahima Saheed. On the day of the incident the son had been pulled up by his parents. Later that night he had allegedly administered the sleeping tablets and set the bed on fire. The child has been sent to the Salvation Army Boys home for rehabilitation while the other suspect was produced in court and remanded.
{short description of image} Army officers arrested for spate of robberies
Daily Mirror 4 Feb 2002
Shocking turn of events at Kirulapone camp By Leary Beekmeyer Amidst growing concern over the criminal activities of military deserters, the crisis took a shocking turn yesterday when three serving Army officers and a soldier were arrested for a spate of robberies in Colombo and suburbs, police said. (search the Daily Mirror archives for the rest of the story- Ed)
'Deiyo Sakki'
{short description of image} Mother elopes with adopted son
[ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka] Feb 02, Colombo: The Moratuwa police are investigating a complaint from a 42-year-old father of three claiming that his 38-year-old wife had eloped with his adopted son. Lankadeepa's 'Deiyo Sakki' column says that the man had adopted his wife's lover since he was a 2-year-old and all lived under the same roof for the last 16 years.
{short description of image} Ball bearings missing
Daily Mirror 14.1.02
About 300 copper ball bearings of goods carriages stationed at the Maradana goodshed (sic-Ed) have been reportedly stolen. The value of these copper bearings is estimated at about Rs. 500,000. This has been revealed at an inquiry following the loss of the bearings. Officials said the bearings would have been sold for its copper content. As the carriages cannot be run without ball bearings about 150 carriages cannot be put to use. The Railway security force is making investigations.
Spotter: Ranil Bibile

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