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SCN Valentine's Day Special 2002{short description of image}
{short description of image}Even a harmless and fun event such as Valentine's Day causes blood pressure to rise in the old republic. Relegion and politics has to pervade every aspect of life in Sri Lanka and Valentine's Day seems to have certainly ruffled a few feathers. Valentine's Day has been described as "vulgar western decadence". What about McDonalds, we ask! What about the big hotels in Colombo? As for courting couples what about Majestic City in Bambalapitiya where young couples gather every day of the week? Should we smear oil on the benches there?

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Valentine's Day picture
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Valentine Vandals are oilsports!
{short description of image} Anti Valentine oilsport
By U.J.Jezeem (Daily Mirror 16 Feb 2002)
In an act of vandalism apparently connected to the backlash against Valentine day, more than 30 cement benches around the Kandy Lake- known to be a favourite spot for young lovers-were given a 'black-wash' by a gang which daubed oil on them. The vandals were so blatant that not even the cement benches near the police check point had been spared of the act which made the benches unfit even for sitting let alone secret loving. The ugly scenes took place in the wake of a strong protest by the Mahanayake Theras against what they saw as vulgar western decadence being introduced through Valentine's day. Residents said young couples were often seen seated on those benches, but the benches are also used by tourists to the hill capital and parents who sit there till their children come after school.
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Spotter: Ranil Bibile
Valentine's Day thuggery
{short description of image} Valentine's Day washes away
[ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka] Feb 15, Colombo: Following protests from the clergy, parents, teachers and others, the Valentine's Day “Golden Shower” at the Colombo Vihara Maha Devi Park had a lukewarm response. Organisers including the state television failed to attract young lovers because most of the parents had declared a taboo on their sons and daughters.
They even prohibited private tuition classes on Thursday following protests by the influential clergy including Maha Nayakes that the media and businesses were trying to sell young people for their selfish motives. The attendance was very poor and finally the organisers canceled the entry fee to attract whoever wanted to come. But still the crowd was very poor.
Some parents threatened the organisers, saying they had come to thrash them for allegedly ruining their children. In Kandy angry parents had smeared waste engine oil on the park to prevent young lovers from congregating there.
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Spotter: Ranil Bibile
Valentine is dead!
{short description of image} Valentine dead
By Vasana Wickremasena (Daily Mirror 18 Feb 2002)
The death of Valentine was announced through an obituary in a local Sunday newspaper yesterday.
The obituary, stated as follows:
VALENTINE - The death is announced of Romeo, dearly loving son of Cassanova and Cupid, loving brother of Don Juan, Juliet, Mona Lisa and Lothario, passed away under tragic circumstances in Red Light Soho. Cremation took place at Viharamahadevi Park on February 14 - Honeymoon Estate, Preethie Road, Bedlam.
Students of literature said most names appearing in the notice referred to characters in literature books. "Romeo & Juliet" comes in Shakespeare's famous play, Cassanova is a character in Boccasio's De Cameron while - Cupid is the Roman god of love in mythology," a student said.
Much commercialised Valentine's Day was celebrated last week amid Mahanayakes urging the government to ban the lovers' day. The Mahanayakes of the three nikayas called on the government to legislate to stop the lovers' day, before it causes a spiritual disorientation of Lankan youth. Reacting to Mahanayakes plea, Buddha Sasana Minister W.J.M. Lokubandara said he was against the commercialisation of the lovers' day, but the area did not come under the purview of his ministry. The lovers' day is based on the day, Saint Valentine of Italy who helped young loving couples to get married defying king's orders was convicted to death. In a famous case earlier an obituary was published during Mrs. Bandaranaike's regime in 1974 bemoaning the death of democracy, which caused much hilarity among the readers.
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