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{short description of image} DRUNK ELEPHANTS or Elephants in the drink. Picture courtesy of INFOLANKA. Used without permission but with a link.
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Elephas maximus dipsomaniacus
{short description of image} DRUNK ELEPHANTS or Elephas maximus dipsomaniacus (-Ed)
Inebriated elephants destroy illicit distillery Monday, July 9 2001 14:23 Hrs (IST) Colombo:
An illicit distillery which had operated clandestinely in the thick jungle forests of Kalawewa in central Sri Lanka for over 10 years, was raided and destroyed by a herd of elephants on July 7 night, a local media report said. The elephant herd had evidently been drawn to the distillery by the smell of pineapple and other ingredients used in the manufacture of "kasippu". The herd got so intoxicated by the raw brew that it smashed the entire operation, trampling over 150 barrels and the distilling equipment. Thereafter, the herd trumpeted and ran berserk through the night, destroying vegetables cultivated by the farmers. They finally dozed off in the Kalawa tank bed till morning. (And no doubt got up with an elephantine hangover!-Ed) Farmers estimated the loss, due to destruction of their crops, at Rs 5 lakh. (Sterling £ 5000-Ed)
{short description of image} MAKE LOVE!
PM's cry for babes of war.(Sunday Times July 8)
Make love, not war says the old slogan. But Ratnasiri Wikremanayake has a different approach: make love, to make war.
Our tough talking septuagenarian Prime Minister says that Sri Lankans- no, he doesn't say Sinhalese, though you would expect him to- should make more babies for two purposes: to make more manpower available first, to fight the war in the North and East and second to bolster the Buddha Saasana as monks. Now, wait a minute- babies born now will enter the war zone in a minimum of 18 years which means that the war has to go on for that long and Wickre-manayake himself says that the war 'finished off' quicker than that. Then, isn't the Buddha Saasana against the concept of war, anyway? But this is RW speaking, so never mind.
Shocking! Positively shocking!
{short description of image} Sri Lanka addicts driven to suicide over drug shortage COLOMBO, June 18 (AFP) - A severe shortage of heroin has gripped the Sri Lankan capital Colombo and many addicts have been driven to suicide, press reports here said Monday. Two drug addicts committed suicide Sunday unable to get their daily dose of heroin, the Sinhalese language Divaina daily reported. It said several others had attempted suicide. Some were climbing electricity pylons (No doubt to get a buzz!-Ed) and at least another jumped off a fast moving bus, press reports said adding that the shortage of drugs was due to a major police crackdown against drug dealers.
Page Three Girls of ancient Lanka!
{short description of image} Sigiriya the first Playboy mansion says Time
Sri Lankans have outdone Playboy don Hugh Hefner by centuries in building the first playboy mansion atop the Sigiriya rock fortress complete with bunnies (the number would have sent Hefner raving) where high living and enticing the senses was the order of the day, according to the Time magazine of May 21. (Our own views of Sigiriya are in the ANURADHAPURA HERALD){short description of image}

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