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Ranil is God! Official!
Pass the barf bag sister!
The following gut-wrenching-bum-licking drivel appeared in The Island of 24-3-2002 and is written by Kanthimala Ratnakara. We at SCN were prepared to accept that Ranil is our King but this is beyond belief!....

{short description of image} Our Prime Minister, has much to be proud of. In this short time, he has achieved many firsts. The first leader to apologize to the nation, which he did on the power crisis for which he was not responsible; the first to use his own funds on an official residence; the first to introduce a simplicity of style to high office and the first in 20 years to go to Jaffna.

{short description of image} Ranil Wickremesinghe as a politician and as a man is not made of common stuff. He has a remarkable sense of history; a dispassionate overview as it were, a historical sense of things even as they are happening.
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I was taught as a child to stick with the difficult and leave the impossible to God! The PM is doing just that.
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One can be sure that the PM will speak to you if available or will return your call if he is not .
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Our PM will then be widely acclaimed as The Knight in Shining Armour of Sri Lankan politics — a true Prince of Peace!

May he attain Nirvana! Or perhaps he has acheived that already!- Ed

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