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Fowl Play!
{short description of image} Hindu devotees deprived of right to worship
(Daily Mirror 13-6-2002)
A large group of Hindu devotees staged a protest campaign yesterday in front of the Vavuniya Red Cross Society Office when they were prevented from participating in a Puja at night on Monday at the Pudur Nagathanila Temple in the Vanni. This puja was conducted after 25 years. Vavuniya district Secretary K. Ganesh had gone there expecting to settle the dispute but the protesters had hit the district secretary with a fowl. The devotees had to pass the Omanthai Check point and they were prevented from going beyond that point as the A-9 road was closed after 5.00 p.m. Any news of the fowl? - Ed (Spotter: Vinod Moonesinghe)
Naked women!
{short description of image} Lighter Vein: A new weapon
[ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka] June 07, Colombo: A team of policemen who went to raid a gambling den in Maligawatte were in for a surprise when ten women between 25 and 30 years of age removed all their clothes and bared all to the astounded policemen. The intention of this strip tease had been to prevent the police from arresting them. Apparently they were curious to find out whether in fact there is a law to prevent the arrest of naked women. On the other hand it might well be that the women had an ulterior motive. They might have thought that the cops on seeing them undress would forget their assignment. What the women strippers did not bargain for however was the presence of a women police constable who arrested the offenders forthwith. This brings us to the conclusion that under Sri Lankan law, police can arrest a naked person as long as that person is from the same sex. (A number of visitors to SCN use the keywords "naked" and "women" to get to our site. Well there you are ! Genuine naked women! Obviously, Maligawatte is the place to go for that sort of thing! - Ed)
Foot in Mouth: Phil the Greek scores own goal! Again!
{short description of image} Philip: Are you the Tamil Tigers? by Ed Harris
(This is London 7thJune 2002)
The art of "dentopedology" - foot-in-mouth - has not deserted Prince Philip, who visited a Hindu Temple yesterday and amazed the priests by asking if they were Tamil Tigers - the guerrilla fighters from Sri Lanka responsible for thousands of deaths. As the Queen, wearing thin slippers the colour of her stockings, chatted to worshippers in saris the Duke, in his socks, talked to the high priests. One of the priests said: "He asked us which part of Sri Lanka we were from. We said we were from the north and east and were Tamils. "He asked, 'Are you Tigers?' I said: 'No, we're priests. We're not associated with violence'."(Abridged-Ed) Spotter: Kumaran of Singapore.
Squeezing water out of a foundation stone!
{short description of image} Jaffna water shortage to end
By Munza Mushtaq (Daily Mirror 3 June 2002)
The severe water shortage in the Jaffna peninsula will be brought to an end as soon as possible Minister of Urban and Public Utilities M.H. Mahroof said. The Minister said talks were underway with the Australian government to obtain necessary funds for the restoration of the water supply to normalcy in the peninsula. " The Australian government has promised to provide all necessary funds so that we could provide an uninterrupted and dependable water supply to Jaffna," he said. Meanwhile a foundation stone was laid in Karainagar by Minister Mahroof in a bid to increase the supply of water to the area. The Minister visited Jaffna following an invitation extended to him by Minister T. Maheswaran.
(Note the wording! The foundation stone will somehow "increase the supply of water"! Whilst our Tamil bretheren are capable of squeezing anything out of a stone we at SCN have serious doubts that they will be able to extract water out of the Minister's stone! - Ed aka FOUNTAINHEAD)
Spotter: Kumaran of Singapore

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