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Sad news
{short description of image} Fire consumes barrel of spirits
(Daily Mirror 12-8-2002) A loss of about ten million rupees was caused when a barrel containing twenty thousand litres of coconut arrack spirit exploded, at the Payagala co-operative distillery on Friday at about 11a.m. Chairman of Payagala Co-operative distillery society, Kamal Abeygunawardane said. The roof of the stores was badly damaged when the barrel exploded with a minor fire. The sound of the explosion was heard about mile away. Three remaining barrels in the distillery were saved from destruction.
Air Force officers of the Katukurunda unit, Payagala police and the staff of the distillery extinguished the fire. Spotter: Ranil Bibile
Like father, like son or Kassippu own goal!
{short description of image} Son kills father in bizarre mishap
By Udage Chandrasinghe (daily Mirror 8-8-2002)
Yet another drunk driving accident took place in Gampaha killing a 58-year-old father instantly, when he was knocked down by a lorry driven by his own son. The victim too was under the influence of liquor, a police spokesman said. The son had returned from Japan only a week ago.
On the day of the accident the son had gone out in the father's lorry and had consumed liquor with his friends. The father had come out of the house just as the son was driving home and had been fatally struck on the head by the side mirror of the lorry. Gampaha police are conducting inquiries.(Is this "Motor Patrislaughter"? - Ed) (Spotter: Ranil Bibile)
Student bites monkey!
{short description of image} Police kill student biting monkey (Say that again!? - Ed)
by Rajmi Manatunga (Daily News 2-8-2002)
A monkey ran riot inside a classroom in Kosgama biting students and causing general chaos within the school premises sending students and teachers running for cover. The injured students of St. John Bosco primary school who were rushed into the Salawa Base Hospital for initial treatment have been directed to the Kalubowila General Hospital for further medical tests, the Kosgama police told the Daily News.
The Kosgama police had spotted the monkey sitting on a tree close to the school and shot him when they were summoned to control the situation. It is said that the entire school came to a standstill for nearly three hours due to the monkey pranks. The remains of the dead monkey have been sent to the Investigation Unit of the Colombo National Hospital for inspection. SSP Padmaperuma of the Kosgama Police Criminal Investigation Division is investigating into the incident. (Spotters: Keerthy Silva, Vinod Moonesinghe and Ranil Bibile)
Mad man slaps idiot policeman, who slapped mad woman, who swallowed a fly!....
{short description of image} Odd Spot: Policeman beaten by both an insane woman and a sane man
[ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka] Aug 01, Colombo: The Kekirawa magistrate enlarged on bail a local politician of the ruling party for allegedly assaulting a policeman who did his duty. A group of teachers had told the police that an insane woman was roaming near their school. The police promptly send the cop to investigate. He was slapped by the woman and when he came to at the police station, the politician slapped him. Finally the magistrate slapped bail on the politician. (A politician is a sane man? - Ed)
(Spotter: Ranil Bibile)
Religion is the Ganja of the masses...!
{short description of image} Monk killed in temple brawl
By Senaka De Silva
(Daily Mirror 27 July 2002) A monk of the Ratmale Sri Nagaramaya at Kirindiwela was allegedly killed by another monk after a brawl in the temple, police said. Police said the monk who was killed,Ven. Haggalle Vajira Thera (38) was known to have been addicted to liquor and consumed about a bottle of arrack a day. (Sura meraya majjapama? - Ed) It is alleged that he often got drunk and fought with the chief incumbent of the temple demanding money to buy more liquor. On the fateful night the monk under the influence of liquor allegedly tried to attack the Chief incumbent and others when one monk hit him with a leaf spring of a vehicle. The monk died on the way to hospital while the monk who hit him was produced before the Gampaha Magistrate and remanded.
{short description of image} Priest allegedly runs away with money

(ibid) An Anglican priest from a Mission in Nawalapitiya has been arrested for allegedly fleeing with a bag containing nearly Rs.100,000 belonging to a bank official, Police said. (Thou shalt not steal - God)
Nuwara Eliya Chief Inspector Saman Yatawara said the incident occurred on Saturday when the banker had gone to a public toilet leaving the bag behind in the presence of the priest. The suspect then had taken the bag and boarded a bus. The police on being informed of the incident and the route number of the bus had the suspect apprehended along with the bag containing the money. The suspect was remanded until August 19.

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